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ok what todo about this female friend? watch

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    Ok so I'm going to be careful with this post because whilst I doubt she uses these forums... Sods law lol and it would be fairly obvious even with me being anonymous and all.
    So I have this female friend, I've known her for a few years now and have liked her for alot of that time. In this time she's mostly been single (she went out with some complete (insert expletive of your choosing) for awhile but broke up with him soon after. Now recently I got fed up of trying to show my interest in her more subtly (I mean it really wasn't subtle but she just wasn't viewing me that way) so I was upfront about it. And ofc as expected I recieved the dreaded "I'm sorry but we are just really close friends--- assuming you still want to-be friends now right? " honest reply would have been "no, actually I don't, go away" but ofc I was never going to say tha. EVER. I mean for one thing it'd upset her and make her and by extension make me feel really bad. Now this conversation actually went on past that point and I decided to ask upfront if that was the end of it or if there was room for that to potentially change. Now I expected a "no it won't change" instead she said it actually could change, but couldn't say what would change it. Now we go to different uni's not too far away but not close either which due to comments she's made in the past about aby long distance relationship I suspect might well be the real obstacle in my path. Since this conversation we've chatted on fb loads, Skyped multiple times and I actually invited her to come stay in a few weeks and if it looks to be any good come to summer ball. Now she has solar kinda agreed to come (which I didn't expect and this confuses me even more?) now to complicate matters I have to spend 5 days in a foreign country at a music festival with her sharing a tent in late June.... Now basically what am I to make of this.... I mean it just seems abit odd. Not to mention things she's said which before I'd have taken just innocently but now O can't believe some stuff she doesn't think anything of it... (I'm not elaborating but it's sometimes suggestive) I really don't know where I stand though? If she'd been "no we are just really close friends, never going to change sorry" it'd be one thing but she didn't and dont think due just said it in an attempt to be nice because I know her so well and she'd know that's not a a lie that would help but rather make it worse. Any opinions?sorry about the essay.

    You know where you stand. You had the conversation. She just wants to be friends.
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