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    At the moment people ask themselves why should I work 40-70 hours a week in multiple jobs for such little money when a unemployed person can claim benefits I find this unfair. They then rant on and say the unemployed should get on their bike and find a job like them. But even if the unemployed do get on their bike and find a job it is going to be a part time one paying low wages. Why is this?

    The problem with this out look is its a repetitive cycle where the blame for low wages scapegoated on the lowest classes of society without people really knowing where the problem comes from.

    The problem is the majority of Precariat's are not class aware!

    The Precariat is a person who is suffering multiple economic insecurities and risks which have been shifted to them from business/management because the bargaining power of labor has declined.

    Globalization has tripled the population of the labor market since 1995. This has resulted owners of Land & Capital to have better bargaining powers against workers. The end result is wages will continue to go down to the bare minimum of the min-wage.

    This isn't a case of big business being unable to afford paying workers a living wage it is because the number of labor exceeds demand.

    Politics of the Precariat

    One problem we have at the moment is the Proliteriat is telling the Precariat to do as the Proles did back in the day. The problem here is the rules have changed. The Precariat doesn't have full time work contracts, holiday pay or a pension. The Precariat has nothing but multiple forms of insecurity.

    Currently at the moment no party truly represents the Precariat.

    Labour are backed by Trade Union members with comfortable work contracts who share nothing with the Precariat. To deal with the Precariats problems they simply created a policy which ignores the Precariat by banning zero hour contracts and putting the Precariat on the dole!

    The Conservatives talk about protecting the interests of hard working tax payers, home buying and pensions but who they are really talking about is the middle class and the Proliteriats who are now in retirement.

    So we have the left wing Proles and right wing Proles united in making life more difficult for the Precariat.

    Along the political spectrum there is little support for the Precariat and the support the Precariat does have sends off the wrong message such as the Socialist Workers Party rallying behind their dated Marxist newspaper Socialist Worker.

    Understanding the Precariats situation and what we must not do.

    It is no use telling the Precariat to get on their bike and look for a better job because the road they are going to travel down is a completely different road which we have traveled down before. As the global labor market expands under globalization the difficulties faced by the Precariat increase day on day.

    The middle class are not immune from this. In time skilled labor from different contients will flow quicker from location to location decreasing the bargining power of the middle class vs their employers or consumer market. So we shouldn't exlude the middle class or those from higher classes. To brand someone as a Champagne Socialist for becoming class aware is just a offensive tribal slur. We should unite and help one another instead of creating division.

    The fact is the Precariats living standards will decline and they will require more welfare.

    The Conservative party understand this. While they are not interested in the well being of the Precariat they understand that the Precariat must be given some form of security to stand on else the Precariat will take matters into their own hands.

    Riot, Steal and even worse Revolution.

    Don't think that being for the Precariat is some type of Socialist Revolution because it isn't. It is merely standing in the shoes of the bloke across the street who is experiencing multiple forms of insecurity but is trying his best to get out of it.

    The Conclusion

    What we need to do is reach out to the Precariat and make their struggle our own because in time their struggle will become our own. It is the responsible thing to do.

    The plan the Conservatives offer is the wrong one. They talk about focusing on pensioners and the middle class while making life tougher for the Precariat if they lose their jobs.

    The Conservatives basically make the pit of fire deeper and burn hotter to add to the Precariats misery. This is ultimately a bad thing because the Precariats will then voice their anger against the under class of the unemployed reinforcing the Conservative position of ideological austerity.

    We also need to stand up to the Unions and tell the Labour party that they do not represent the new struggle. We need to say either stand with us or we will replace you as the voice for the working class.

    We must be bold, radicial and broad minded.

    The owners of Land, Capital and the means of production have this monoply on Labor and we must break it!

    But we must be wise!

    We can't go gallavanting across the City like the Looney Left Socialist Parties. We need to pitch our struggle to business and tell/show them that a low wage economy ultimately effects them if they rely on consumer purchases within the economy.

    Tesco, Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer ignored this. Look at them now. They have lost huge chunks of profit in a short time. Mean while ALDI, LIDIL and ASDA are booming.

    The labor market has changed and there for we have to change else as workers we will be manipulated and placed at the bottom by those who seek to extract wealth from us.

    I say to everyone on TSR unite with the Precariat! Unite for a better future! Unite and be part of the resistance to the current monopoly on our working lives!


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