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    I've been puzzling over this since the start of unit 2 and as the exam is tomorrow I figure I should just ask directly can someone help?

    REBT is one element of CBT, i think that REBT is the only one we need to know or the most popular type of CBT treatment that we are taught

    REBT is the D,E,F method etc. in which we go from

    1)negative event A
    2) irrational belief
    3)unhealthy emotion

    Psychologist teaches you D (dispute beliefs), E (learn new effective attitude), F (new set of feelings)

    leads you to think about events in the way;

    1) negative event A
    2) rational belief
    3) healthy emotion

    say this and you should get 4 marks:bl:

    CBT is the term given to a wide range of therapies that aim to help people by helping with their thoughts (as aposed to like helping with brain structure and stuff). REBT is one form of CBT (for example Stress inoculation training is another for of CBT) that aims to challenge and replace irrational and dysfunctional thoughts with more rational ones. It involves identifying the negative thoughts and challenging them through debated where evidence for the thought will be demanded which will then expose their irrationality so that, once the client can now see they're irrational they can work on replacing the thoughts with more rational ones

    does thar make sense?? Good luck tomorrow, I have it too
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Updated: May 17, 2015


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