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Hi all. To make a long story short, I'm doing GCSE and want to become a pilot. I got an A in science last year but unfortunately thanks to coursework, I can only get a C in science this year. I was going to study physics next year, but thanks to that I can't get in. I am now doing BTEC applied/medical science in sixth form instead (alongside geography and computer science a levels). This, in turn has reduced my university chances to near enough none for studying physics. I was hoping you could all help, is there any way to do a physics course (a level or university) after btec science. I have spoken to my sixth about doing physics, but their entry is too strict. Thank you.
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you're right with out studying physics you reduce your chaces of studying physics at university greatly

what i would suggest is either apply for BSc Physics with a foundation year or try and take all of the Physics, Maths and Electronics units within the Applied Science BTEC, i think there is 1 physics unit, like 3/4 maths units and a couple of Electronics units, also with your A levels Computer Science is good because i know people who do physics at uni and they actually do quite a bit of programming in Python/C++/C and MatLab however you should really try and swap Geography for Maths or even Electronics.

Alternately there are some unis that do not require maths or physics for entry for example: University of Portsmouth for their BSc or MPhys in Applied Physics accept the BTEC Extended Diploma with MMM grades on its own, BTEC Diplomas(12 units) and BTEC Subsidiary Diplomas(6 units) have to be accompanied by other qualifications obviously as they are worth 1 or 2 A levels on their own, also for A levels they require 260 UCAS points (BCC) with a C grade in either Maths, Physics or Electronics.

Hope this helps

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