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There can be many reasons for moving,editing or deleting posts/threads. Below are some of the most common reasons for moving/editing/deleting posts/threads but if you are still unsure please post in Ask the Community Staff.

Why has my thread been moved?
Threads might be moved to another forum if they are more suitable there- this will mean the thread gets the best response and also keeps the forums tidy for other members.

Why has my thread/post been deleted?
A moderator will remove threads and posts that break the site rules or are otherwise deemed to be inappropriate for TSR. It is against the rules to re-post material deleted by a moderator.

Why has my thread/post been edited?
Sometimes only a part of the post breaks the site rules and will be edited to remove the offending parts instead of deleting it entirely. Such examples could be offensive comments to other users, swear filter avoidance, removing email addresses, users real names etc.

Why has my thread/post not appeared yet?
Certain posts such as posts including links, images, email addresses and use of anonymous may not appear straight away. This is because these posts are pre-moderated before being allowed onto the forum. Please be patient as the approval time varies.

Can you move/edit my thread?
Yes we can. Please post in Ask the Community Staff providing a link to the thread or post you want us to move/edit.

Can you edit my post?
You can edit your own posts in open threads - by clicking the 'edit' button. If the post you wish to edit is in a locked thread, post in Ask the Community Staff with a link to the post.

Can you delete my posts/thread?
It is our policy to not delete posts or threads unless they are breaking the site guidelines. If you feel that there is an exceptional circumstance which requires removing your post/thread, please post in Ask the Community Staff including the link and reason.
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