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I have heard that a lot of people have done their ICT exam today on truckles, can someone please tell me what questions came up, i would be really thankful!
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(found this)
AS ICT exam tips
For Activity 1;

>You will have to open up a document file (Word/.docx or anything really)
>Remember to keep your name on every piece of work printed (on the header just write ur name candidate name and centre number)
>They will ask you to bullet point the facts that you consider important. (Basically just remember the 16 facts posted previously so that if you forget u got others to back up. But you just need exactly 13)
>After that u'll be asked to make a table of the data sources and the data items that the source will provide.
>Print these off.

For Activity 2;
>U'll be asked to read a letter (Do not ignore it and press CTRL+F to find important stuff for example if ure looking for the litres of the holding tank type "holding tank" and then look for the information ure looking for." this was quite helpful.
>During the exam I asked for 2 sheets of blank paper to make a spider diagram of the important things on the letter.
>You will have to fill the purple/pink spaces with the information provided. (If you made a spider driagram or a list of the key information it will be a lot easier.)
>Read the "Price list" file carefully and put the information on the right places. The price list stuff is placed ont he pink table titled "Cost" on the "Prices" sheet. This one is somewhat tricky (Read carefully cuz some of them say "female" others say "male" and one says "pair". For this one the first thing i thought was that i was a male and a female.. but im not sure)
>Read the "Selling letter" file. It contains the prices for each type of fish.
>Once you're done I believe that youll have to complete the yellow part of the "prices" sheet where u have to put the formulas. (You're doing this just like you've done on the practice one.... if im wrong just correct me but thats what ive done xD)
>Complete the pink "Filters/Heaters required" with the right formula (The one uve done on the practice thing).

>Well this bit is all about formulas... So make sure that you remember where to put each one (i messed up in one table :C cuz i forgot and i was nervous x.x) . Once ure done if u have time recheck every formulae/Functions and tables.
(PS: Formulae: Numbers only (not including cells like B20 and F19) Functions: Numbers + Letters (for example: =Roundup(F11/1000) <that function appears in the exam. The 1 thousand stands for 1kW. (BE CAREFUL!)

>Print them off and make sure that they have your name, center number and candidate page. In "Page layout" change the scale of your work so that it fits one A4 sheet or something and remove the margins before printing to have more space.

Activity 3: (This part takes a lot of time. Make sure you keep an eye on the clock)

>It will ask you about what you can do to increase the profit.
>You'll have to play around with the "Input Page" so that you can have a good combination that makes a lot of profit. (TIP: Look at the prices for the fish)
>Youll have to take a screenshot of the "input page" after the changes have been made
>Youll have to explain why you've made those changes.

>|||||At this point they will tell you that the "Yellow tiger" fish stopped breeding. and that therefore after making changes and taking a screenshot of what happened and explain what happened to the profit and so on. |||| (PS this part is in red because this is what ive done but im not sure if its right).

>Now they are gonna say that that since the "Yellow tiger" fish stopped breeding you'll be selling a batch of 50 "Yellow tiger" fish for 350 to someone (i dont remember who exactly.)

Activity 4:

>Now you're asked to write a report to make a solution for either:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The General breeding;
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>For the Yellow tigger problem.

>Well now you have to wite the report. You'll be asked to have some screen shots, to explain your point and so on like in every other exam.
>If you finished early check everyhting you've done and make sure its printed and has your name.

Well yeah... This is a quick answer for those who are wondering what to do for the exam.
If you have my spreadsheet please please use it. :< AND WORK HARD TO MEMORISE THEM! (Eat cadbury dark chocolate bars it will improve your memory. Like it doesnt taste too bad and i've prove this point twice. If have a crappy memory like me have 1 bar of cadbury dark chocolate cuz IT REALLY does help.)
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