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Hey guys, I'm doing a investigative project on the effectiveness of vet physio. I;m collecting data and just need random people who have experienced it, or have knowledge on this so they can fill out the questionnaire, it doesn't actually have to be filled out by people who have had their animal treated , be much appreciated guys as I really need this quick

1. What animal had to have the use of veterinary physiotherapy?
(dog, cat, horse, other)

2. What was the animal diagnosed with?

3. How long was the physiotherapy needed to treat the problem?

4. What was the expected total cost?

5. What were your views on the total price?
(Low, fair, over priced)

6. How likely are you to use the service again, if it was useful to your pet?
(extremely likely, quite likely, moderately likely, slightly likely, not at all likely)

7. If you are not likely to use veterinary physiotherapy again, why not?
(animal did not respond well to the service, wasn't satisfied with service, cannot pay for a product like this, not willing to pay for a product like this)

8. How likely are you to recommend vet physio to others?
(extremely likely, quite likely, moderately likely, slightly likely, not at all)

9. What do you like most about the service?

10. What type of vet physiotherapy method was used?
(hydroptherapy, treadmills, massage, pain therapy, other?)

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