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This is going to be a very rambling post so as I am normally incapable of getting to the point quickly, I will try my best but I apologise in advance.

I am currently studying a Level 3 BTEC in health and social care with the hopes of getting into university next year to do learning disability nursing. I have everything I'm advised to, the grades, volunteering (plenty of it, and im going to volunteer abroad in a few months) but I have self harm scars all over my arms, not as much as some people have, there's only about 75 between the two arms but a lot of them are raised and quite purple. I use bio-oil and other rescue oils (the only advice i seem to find!) and they are lowly fading but I know from others that they aren't going to be completely faded by the time i go to university and are obviously always going to be there so you will always see them to some degree. I am mostly sh free now so my main worry is not new scars.

I had a placement at a day centre for adults with learning difficulties and often if I attempted to wear short sleeves there were some service users who got very distressed, some others just didn't even seem to notice but basically I needed to wear long sleeves all the time. At my work my boss once seen one of my scars and basically told me I need to wear long sleeves (yes I know they aren't allowed to do this but lets face it -they still do and many people still discriminate regardless of laws, policies etc).

Basically what got me thinking of all of this is I am planning to get a tattoo on my wrist and was searching to see whether it was alright to have visible tattoos as a nurse in the NHS when i started thinking what does it even matter when there's scars all over them?

I would be extremely grateful for any advice regarding working as a learning disability nurse with visible scars, or even just things like what uniform etc as well as views on getting a small wrist tattoo.
Also as this is something i have often wondered, all laws aside, if I was up for a job against someone who had exactly the same qualifications, experience, everything the same as me, just I had visible scars and they didn't; would i be a less favourable candidate?
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uniforms are all bare below the elbow so your scars/tattoos will be visible. A large amount of nurses I know have tattoos in visible places like their wrists and it isn't an issue anywhere I've ever been. As for the scars it definitely shouldn't be an issue, I have a few very faint scars and no one (besides one patient) has ever commented on them. Don't let the scars put you off being a nurse

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