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Has anyone got any good revision materials, websites or things I can buy for the OCR Gateway B sciences, I'm doing 1-6 so its extended.
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Hey im doing ocr gateway b extended too... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Collins-New-...NP38PYKQ59FC8X : these collins ones are good because there are three books (green - B1 C1 P1 B2 C2 P2, blue - B3 C3 P3 B4 C4 P4, and purple - B5 C5 P5 B6 C6 P6) so people doing additional or just core sciences can use them too. There are also books for the separate sciences with workbooks integrated in at the back, again from collins, but i have found that there is less content in these ones compared to the ones with colourful covers mentioned above; here they are anyway: http://www.amazon.co.uk/GCSE-Biology...cience+biology ...honestly, i think the CGP books are quite good but i think the collins ones are less crowded, which i prefer. With that said, i have all the collins and CGP ones for the extended sciences 1-6! :P Good luck!

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