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hey all,

i want to get rid of my belly fat and was wondering what excercises are best?

are there any alternatives to running/jump ropes? maybe something with weights? and how should i go about doing it?

(ps im a 17 year old male)
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You can't spot lose fat, you will have to reduce your weight over all. I'd suggest interval training or one of those Hit classes. Also cut the carbs and fat in your diet.
The Marshall
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Losing weight is the best option first before you even go into the realm of six packs.

Currently, I've decided to lose weight after I had a break up, and since Feb, it has been going well, but I've not seen my pot belly go in, its there, but its smaller than it was before.

Before doing any exercise - you need to change something: that is YOUR DIET. That is imperative before you do any exercise. You can't eat ice cream and then do exercise and then wonder why you're not losing weight.

I mean before I used to eat crisps, cookies, ice cream, pizza, chips, quorn chicken nuggets - very unhealthy. And plus I didn't eat them at a proper time.

Now here's what I eat now:

Breakfast: Greek Yoghurt with honey, almonds, avacado, strawberries, and nuts, pumpkin seeds.
Lunch: Fruit Salad or Vegetables.
Dinner: Vegetarian meal.

I mean if you look at what I eat, I have had to give up all that. That's more than enough. Start eating healthy and you'll find mate that after 3-4 months you won't even go back to them.

You must give up pasta, pizza and bread - that's what I did. Even pastries or doughnuts, as they contain unnatural sugars that not good for your body.

I know its hard, and its no easy job, but if I could give it up, then so can you.

Here are some good tips:
Sleep every 7 hours a day.
Eat before Six and do not eat after that.
No snacking - reduce and cut it as much as possible.

Now my weight was 110 ibs, I've dropped to 96 ibs. My goal, to get to 80-70.

And here's the thing, you don't need to go the Gym to lose weight - you can use the bicycle and rowing machines in there, but most exercises you can do initially at home. Gym is really for building your muscle, now some may disagree with me, that's fine. Most guys I know, some of them went to the gym and others didn't. It depends on what your choice, but it does cost a lot of money - why not do it at home?

Also you need a workout program that you will need to tailor to according your needs. Just 30 min of exercise is needed to lose weight. What you need is the determination of not giving up.

I mean my daily routine goes like this:

1 hour on the treadmill.
30 min workout.

Now that's impossible to do all the time when you have other things based on your lifestyle. But you need to get somewhere similar if you really want to lose weight.

Oh and another tip - building muscle will only gain you more weight. You don't want that. First concentrate on losing the belly fat first and then when you get a flat stomach = you can start using weights initially.

You can however, use dumbbells as for lifting weights - but they'll be tied into exercises that should help you lose weight. You can find a whole bunch of youtube. And no crunches - none of that stuff - you focus on losing weight through simple exercises.

I mean this what I do in my 30 min workout routine - I use new exercises every day so that my body will not get used to it.

Pushups - 12 reps.
Plyo Push ups - 12 reps.
Reverse Lunges - 10 reps.
Plank - 8 reps.

Cycling - 1-3 reps.
Push up - 12 reps.
Plyo Push up -12 reps.
Goblin Squat - 8 reps.

Cardio Workouts - def reccomanded mate - you need to do it to lose weight.

And the worst exercise? Burpees - they are evil but they are fun. But they can kill you, I only did 5, now I do 12 reps and damn it exhausts you - but its a really effective exercise to lose weight, try doing 2-3 , and continue to increase. You'll soon find that its a good exercise.

These are easy to do exercises, search on youtube and you'll find a whole bunch of them.

Also try out Max Cheng's videos, Max Workout, and type in six pack abs, type in losing weight and you'll have lots of stuff at your disposal.

You know its up to you if you want to go the gym or not. That's totally your decision.

That's just an example, and usually you can get them done depending on how many you can achieve. 2-3 is the best you can achieve. My timetable is sort of somewhere similar on that. You may not get all of these exercises done within 20-30 min, but the result you will know when you are sweating and out of breath - that is when it is really going to work before you know it.

Drink to at least 5-6 glasses of water.

And here foods that you must eat:
Fruits, nuts, seeds.
Low fat Yoghurt.
Kidney Beans/Lentils
Green Vegetables, carrots, leaks that sort of stuff.

Avoid Carbs for now,

And I'm not saying give up those foods - you don't need too, you can treat yourself once a month or so. But I envy the slim people that can eat fatty foods and not get fat. But since we're overweight, we've exceeded it. So once in a month, but not too much.

Also try max workouts - its a really good guide for people wanting to lose weight.

What's my overall goal for me? -Lose weight and build a six pack. Then I can get noticed by girls(which would be nice) but overally now I have lost weight, but there's still a long way to go for me to get there.

And I wish you the best of luck mate, hopefully you'll reach over there and you just need to not give up. Giving up your fav foods, losing weight is no joke and it musn't be treated lightly. This is a serious regime you're gonna have to go through. And believe me, sometimes its good, sometimes it isn't, but its worth it. Go on FB and like fitness/losing weight pages =- they contain useful tips. Then when girls start to notice - it'll be fun! But don't go over that now, main focus losing weight. And the pic I post below, that is what I want to become, and I hope you can lose weight as well mate

And this is from my exp, and I'm still learning, so there's no right or wrong answer, just don't do the wrong stuff!

Good luck:

You don't believe me, then have a look at this guy, he used to weigh 130 pounds and he lost weight and look at him:
Imagine yourself as that person, then imagine yourself losing weight, that's your goal.

So I'll set your goal now:
1) Lose WEIGHT.
2) Build a six pack!

You wanna lose weight, you lose it through controlling your diet and doing exercise.

So make your mantra: lose weight.

Be warned, it may take months, days, years, but in the end it will be worth it. You will not have to give up then. But don't give up halfway or early when you start.

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ive heard that weights are a way to lose fat, do you think i can do this? maybe if i worked out every other day i could lose belly fat while also gaining muscle elsewhere (im not really concerned about my actual weight so muscle gain isnt an issue). or would i have to build in some cardio to the workout?
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Heavy compound lifts can burn fat but combining these with Cardio is much better. I would do 3 lifting sessions of squats and dead lifts, 1 session of Hiit and another 2 of moderate Cardio, aim for alternate days weight-cardio with a day off.

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