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Hi guys!
I'm just finishing my 3rd year at Wolverhampton and I thought I'd post my experience of accommodation.

1st year- Uni Halls in Telford
2nd year- @184 on Stafford Street
3rd year- Shared house with Housemates in Whitmore Reans

1st year was 10/10 for price, a nice ensuite in Telford is the same price as the cheapest city rooms (which are disgusting btw). The campus is empty though, and the shuttle bus service has massive breaks in it, and no service on weekends or holidays. :bebored:

2nd year was expensive. Still cheaper than an ensuite in the City, but was sharing a flat and a bathroom with 2 other people. Easy access to everything in Town, and it was reeeally nice. No opening windows though, so it got HOT.:headfire:

3rd year has been fairly cheap. The rent itself is ridiculously low, but I chose the cheapest package that Housemates has so gas and electricity was a big chunk of money. If I could have a do-over I'd go all inclusive, the extra £20 or so a week would still mean it was cheaper than most other city accommodation! :mrfreeze:

All in all, for Wolverhampton I recommend (City) halls first year (social reasons only), and a shared house 2nd and 3rd year.

Does anyone else agree with this? Has anyone had a different experience to me so far? Figuring out accommodation for Wolves? I'd be happy to answer any questions ^_^

Shiv x

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