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    Hey guys, I know I'm not alone, but is anybody else feeling hugely unprepared for the upcoming ocr biology unit 2 exam? For some reason I just feel like I can never know enough! If anybody can suggest some good revision techniques, websites and possible predictions, it would be much appreciated!


    2.1.1. Biological molecules

    c) – breaking and making peptide bonds – diagram/drawing
    g) Hb as quaternary structure?
    j) alpha / beta glucose structure (diagram?) and formation of polysaccharides (Glycogen!!!) including functions of these
    l) formation and breakage of glycosidic bonds
    n) GLYCOGEN!
    r) biochem tests
    s) colorimetry – glucose conc HSW – LIKELY!!

    2.1.2 – Nucleic acids
    Structure of DNA/RNA types
    f) roles of DNA/RNA – concept of ROLE in protein synthesis?

    2.1.3 Enzymes
    a) – definition and features of enzymes - LIKELY
    b) – intracellular enzymes
    c) theories lock and key/induced fit/ lowering activation energy – graph? –LIKELY
    d) enzyme conc and temp explain effects on enzymes
    e) enzyme experiments HSW – Temp and concentration most likely – practicals to test these
    f) reversible/non reversible – non-competitive most likely
    g) prosthetic groups/coenzymes/cofactors
    i) medicinal drugs inhibiting enzymes – very LIKELY – antibiotics etc HSW

    2.2.1 diet and food production
    c) diet /CHD linked to DIET - LIKELY
    h) agrochemicals

    2.2.2 Health and disease – VERY LIKELY TOPIC!!!
    a) define disease
    b) parasites and pathogens – difference between
    c) Malaria and HIV are most likely TB came up in 2013 - analyzing global impact of diseases – graphs and also how the diseases spread/prevention etc
    e) define antibody/antigen
    f) primary defences
    h) structure of antibodies – diagram didn’t come up yet
    k) primary/ secondary response to antigen exposure
    l) compare passive /natural etc
    m) – Ring and herd Vaccination?
    n) HSW – Flu vaccine / mutation – government responses
    o) –sources of medicines HSW – linked to agriculture/biodiversity
    p) – smoking –linked to the diseases – emphysema/bronchitis/cancer – not come up for ages

    2.3.1 Biodiversity
    a) definition of habitat/species
    b) biodiversity at all levels, species, genetic etc – not come up yet
    c) importance of measuring biodiv
    f)Simpson’s Diversity index

    2.3.2 classification – LIKELY AREA TO BE TESTED!!!
    a) define terms
    d) features of the different kingdoms
    e) binomial
    f) modern classification techniques – cytochrome c, amino acid sequence etc
    h) 3 domain vs 5 kingdom

    2.3.3 Evolution
    c) different types of variation – examples
    e) behavioural, physiological adaptations – Xerophytes possibly or ad
    h) DNA/molecular evidence for evolution
    i) VARIATION adaptation and selection contribute to evolution – VERY LIKELY
    j) evolution of resistance – long q – impact on humans? – linked to Flu/vaccines/food – VERY LIKELY

    2.3.4 Maintaining Biodiversity
    a) reasons for conservation – long q?
    b) global climate change on biodiversity – LIKELY!
    c) benefits to agriculture
    d) in situ ad/disadvantages
    f) CITES/Rio convention

    Try this thread http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...r#post56296691
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Updated: May 28, 2015

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