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Hi, I've completed the access to bristol course this year so finger crossed thats an offer in the bag but i had a few questions about the physics course at bristol.
  • Firstly, how many hours (roughly) of contact time do you have per week for the BSc/MSci Phys (although any rough idea is appreciated).
  • What is CHAOS like, do they do a lot or are they just one of these societies that never really meets up?
  • How much programming/computer knowledge is required/taught? (I did a bit of basic python and can work normal systems like windows/mac very well but not particularly familiar with proper programming)
  • Is there any 'extra' physics stuff thats offered, eg internships, optional lectures, visiting lecturers, just generally getting involved with uni research etc.
Many thanks, see you soon hopefully!

PS If anyone is in BUAS then i'd appreciate some advice on applying, been to the airfield before and will be an ex-cadet when i apply so familiar with core RAF & Aviation concepts etc but unfortunately can't fly due to ear problems hoping this won't affect my application!
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I did AtB too, so that's cool. I actually helped out this year, so we may have met... Did you do any stuff in the physics labs with waves on strings or fibreoptic cables and whatnot?

• We do three subjects before the January exams, and then three subjects for June.
That's four compulsory (physics, maths, then easier physics, easier maths) and two open (I did double astro: stars and planets / galaxies and the universe. Both great fun!).
Each subject has about three lectures a week, and each lecture is roughly an hour. So that's 9-ish hours of lectures.
Then we have four hours of labs, and an hour of tutorial (doesn't sound like much, but it's more than is needed, usually).

• I'll be honest, Chaos last year didn't do that much (sorry guys, if you're lurking!). There's the annual physball, which is a black tie christmas ball; the freshers bar crawl is a big thing tool; and the summer BBQ.
There is a parenting scheme run by Chaos, but that's down to which parents you get.
However! I'm the new president, and I'm writing up my master plan right now. Believe me, there is a lot of cool stuff I've got planned, so don't worry about Chaos :P

• We don't touch programming until after summer exams, at which point, you get two lectures, and then get dropped into an assignment due in by the same Friday.
We use C, but I've used VB before and didn't find the assignment that bad. If you know "how to program" - i.e. the logic of it, you'll be fine.

• We have colloquia on Mondays, which are generally from physicists from other universities in the UK, talking about their research. They're brilliant - we've had stuff on all sorts, from graphene, to rotational dynamics, to food physics (from one of Bristol's lecturers - he cooked some lamb!).
Also, it depends on how driven you are, personally, too. As a first year, there isn't really anything in place in terms of an internship scheme, but I've got a research project next month (first year), just from talking to a lecturer. The staff at Bristol are all super friendly, and most would probably give you some lab time if you just ask!

(in case we have met, I was the dude with the really long ponytail :P)

Hope to see you in September!


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