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Basically, im no way ready for the unit 2 law exam. If i sit this exam, i will undoubtly fail miserably. Unit 1 did not go as well as i had hoped and probably scraped a pass at best. I was considering withdrawing from the unit 2 exam and resitting it next year. Ive decided im going to drop law next year. However the probably is im already retaking my As (with completely new subjects) so that may be an issue with resitting the unit. Anyway, would this be a wise decision?
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I would say that it's best for you at this point to take the test and if you don't do well, you can pick new AS levels and either resit the whole AS at law (im sure if you didnt do very well in unit 1 they would allow you to redo the whole AS law but id only advise it if you want to stay on with it at A2 or else it seems pointless), or resit unit 2 in may/june next year when you are finishing your other AS levels. From what you have said about wanting to drop law as a module next year, I would take the unit 2 test now and in September redo first year again with new AS modules.

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