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Hi everyone I finished my sport science degree 2014 with a third from Brunel uni and I am now looking to go into physiotherapy

Finished my shadowing yesterday and loved it! Worked on many wards and did a full day. I chose modules such as physiology, biomechanics and anatomy for my sport science degree so I have a passion for the human body which is why I want to do Physio

i did struggle, and I'm wondering how hard a physiotherapy degree actually is? Is it your average degree stress or is it more extreme? Is it okay if you revise and are organised ? I just need to hear people's experiences. Am I good enough for this degree? ( academically speaking)

Also, I got good grades at school, btec sports DDD*** and a third in sport science from Brunel uni Do I have any chance !? ( if my personal statement is good) Or because I am older and my degree grade isn't great it'll be a bother. I'm 22 now and a mature student !

Any response or experience will be massively appreciated!' Sorry it's sooo long and thank you in advance!!
Sydelle x
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Private message sent, but in short I don't think that your sports science degree will count for entry as you need a 2:2 or higher for the Bsc, and a 2:1 or higher I believe for the Msc - certainly where I studied anyway.

So, it would be an access to health course most probably and then onto the Bsc degree from there. Makes it a 4 year quest for you.

As for how hard the degree is, I don't think that knowledge wise it is any worse than others. You will have people who are walking encyclopaedias of muscles and bones, but to pass with a reasonable grade, you don't need to be like that. What you will need to do is be prepared for 3 years of very long hours and plenty of stress. The teaching week generally will be a 9-5 Mon - Fri with Weds afternoon off. This will vary a bit uni to uni, so check the example timetables on the uni websites. Then, when you hit placements, you will be in all week and have coursework and extra learning such as patient presentations to do ontop of that. It gets hectic at times.

If you are organised and work hard then anything is possible. I did the degree, worked about 20 hours a week ontop of it to pay the rent, and came out with a 1st. Just depends if you want to do it or not. If you do, you will find a way.

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