Performance anxiety in the bedroom and OCD/Perfectionism

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Okay, so ice been suffering from OCD and perfectionism for about 4 years now. However I've only recently been told it's a condition, about my CBT therapist who I'm seeing through private health care.

As a result relationships in the past has suffered, and I've never had a proper relationship. As a result I lost my virginity to a tinder match at the age of 19.
And I remember having performance anxiety in that setting.
Last night I got another tinder match and went round to hers and had a second case of performance anxiety.

The annoying thing is due to my perfectionism I like to keep fit, have good body image and generally a good personality as well.
So when stuff like this happens they don't expect it to happen to me.

My question is how common is performance anxiety in 19 year olds. And what's the best form of treatment.
I'm heading to South America in a month, hence why I'm undertaking CBT privately. And there's the fear that I'm going to bring this problem with me.
Any other guys with previous experience, I'd be grateful to hear your experiences.

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