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I'm in the unfortunate position of wanting the best for my children (the oldest is eight) but we
live in a borough that doesn't do a test of the eleven plus kind. The problem is within a mile of my
home, another borough has grammar schools and the entire primary schools curriculum is geared toward
the assessment, this is fine for them but any school that just follows the national curriculum is
disadvantaged. I've check out all the local secondary schools in both boroughs on the Web and have
come to the conclusion that unless you pass the test and gain access to a grammar school your
chances of a reasonable education are greatly reduced. Now it is my intention to give the child the
opportunity to go to grammar school, I know when the time comes in two years we have the opportunity
to take him to a satellite test centre where that borough allows you to sit the exam. Where I need
help is that I've absolutely no idea where to start steering him toward the 11+, I need as much
information about the eleven plus (or whatever they call it now) as I can get. I'm very conscious of
the fact I could put him under pressure, this is not my intention, I feel if I start tutoring him
for half an hour a night now, he'll never even know he's doing it. Any information anyone could
forward me would be gratefully excepted.
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Report 18 years ago
I'm at Challoners Grammar School in Bucks at the moment. I did the 12+ but my brother did the 11+. I passed no prob. But my brother failed, he then appealed and due to his good academic record he was accepted into the school. The best place to look for help for the 11+ is the 11+ test papers and information booklets that you can get from most bookshops.

Hope thats been of some help
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