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which is better, napier or heriot watt

I think my friend wants to do something with construction... con. engineering? con. architecture? whatever, I heard napier wasnt as good, IS heriot watt better?
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I'm honestly not sure about the course, but Heriot Watt has a better overall reputation I would say.
Craiglockhart Campus
Edinburgh Napier University
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Like I expected, can you give me specific reasons why? That would make it easier to convince him. Teaching quality, campus standards, etc.?
From my own point of view, Heriot-Watt is better than Napier. HW has a very big campus, and everyone is very friendly. Napier has 3 campuses scattered around Edinburgh, whereas HW has only one so you don't get lost.

Erm, don't know what else! Anything you need to know bout the uni?
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Is it "London Metropolitan uni" notorious or just plain old average? Napier I mean.
I personally don't know, but I've heard it's not a very nice University. A lot of people at my University decided to come here rather than Napier! They all just say "Napier isn't very good for IT" (which is what I'm studying).
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kk, will mention some of this. Its hard to remember everything from a web page though so Ill mention how Napier has too many campuses, "not a very nice uni" etc.
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Hey, my uni has three campuses atm but it's still good :wink:
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Do you prefer sniffing glue or smoking weed?
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That's enough of that thank you :rolleyes:
Surely anything remotely construction or engineering orientated would make you think that HW would be a better choice? They have a fantastic Built Environment department.
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He seems to be dead-set, although I will keep on telling him this information, for example what yossarianlives just said.
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i think at the end of the day, regardless of reputatioh, how the course is run etc, the best thing to do is visit both and make your mind up that way. Often noone will persuade you to change your mind once your dead set on going to a particular uni.

But personally overall Heriot Watt will be the better one. Get your friend to visit both, and decide that way.
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Ill advise him to do that, not sure if he can (we live on an island) but thanks.
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Heh, we all live on an island too, just a bigger one :biggrin: That's what boats were invented for :biggrin:
Anyway, they're in the same city so only one trip :smile:
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Lol, good point. I was thinking about me where Id have to make up to 4 stops if I wanted to visit all 5 prospective unis that I have applied to.
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sometimes you need only go to your favourites...just depends on if you like the sound of them all or not. :wink:

I only visited 2 of my prospective ones when i applied.
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I visited 4, though in the end went to none of those and decided on one I hadn't visited :biggrin: I did know the city though.
I only visited Edinburgh...