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Is it a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism?

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Being there four days a week- both campuses- since october i've never seen any drugs being offered or taken. Its quite a letdown actually.
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I wouldn't base my opinion of a university by the user comments on unofficial-guides. According to the first post on the KCL page, I used to go to a "RACIST EVIL UNIVERSITY".
So it wouldn't be a particularly good idea to wear my Israel Defense Forces T-Shirt to the open day, then?


I love the thought of that but you would probably have some hassle.
No one has ever offered me drugs, despite my grizzled exterior, and so I don't see it as a problem. You may be extrapolating from some unfair stereotype in your characterisations here.

The drug dealers are an undoubted reality. Not that i say this in any particularly judgemental or bothered way - its just a fact. Their presence amuses me.
I'm not exaggerating. SOAS historically has an institutional culture of drug taking, as I've mentioned before. I heard this from my friend one time, I thought he was talking rubbish, so when I was walking from Malet Street to Russell Square I cut through the campus. I openly witnessed drug dealing and exchanges taking place, immediately informed the security who seemed indifferent. And as for it being on the periphery, it was literally just outside the gate, but still on campus and within view of everything else. Apparently a lot of dealing goes on around the bar, even though there is a no smoking policy. This is all indicative that radical leftism comes with regular drug use.

This certainly was true although it no longer is. The presence of dealers and the sale of drugs within the bar in years gone by was never a secret although it no longer goes on to my knowledge. You do still get dealers hanging around the gates though.
Nice story about how a SOAS Muslim who wrote an article in the SU magazine entitled "when only violence will do" then took legal action against SOAS itself...yup:

Oh yes that **** - Nasser Amin i think his name is. Wrote some repulsive article justifying suicide bombings and what not - which is fair enough, freedom of speech and all that - and then got mistreated by the college by being disciplined in some way which wasnt entirely within the procedures which should have been followed. Cue hysterical reaction from the eager OMFGS EVERYONES AN ISLAMOPHOBE!!!!!!!!111!"5 types such as the ludicrous IHRC.
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The types that don't understand the words "go home", you mean.
MetalA: You're judgment of SOAS is inflammatory and unnecessary, regardless of whether it holds any truth.

Some people, myself included, are very interested in going to SOAS university. At best your persistent insistence that SOAS is all things evil will cause any applicants to be careful and make sure to visit the university to evaluate the situation for themselves, which every university applicant should do otherwise. At worse it creates paranoia for a non-issue. I know that regardless of my experience to the contrary, you've put some unreasonable doubts into my head about the suitability of SOAS, doubts that will hopefully dissipate with reason and time.

What's it to you whether someone goes to SOAS or not? There can be nothing gained from scaring people out of a university. You're argument is disrespectful for those who go there, and damaging to those who want to apply. By all means, air your opinion, but do not hammer it in as the totally truth, it does no favor to anyone, and certainly wins you no favor from this forum.
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I'm not trying to scare people from SOAS. I'm telling my own experience. If you find it scary, don't come to London. I would fully expect people to judge the university based on a variety of sources, not just my own, and including their own experiences.
I live in London, and though I live in a heavily middle class area, I spend a great deal of time in Camden/West End/Central London, and know that in London, the dodgiest area's are perfecty safe as long as there are enough people around.

No, it's not the idea of drugs that worry me, it's the instetutionalised drugs, which not only sounds utterly ridiculous, but seems to be refuted by member SOAS students her. Also, I find it hard to believe that any great deal of the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Tai ect. students are muslim fundementalists. In fact, I find it hard to belive that in a universty that so fully embraces multi-culturalism, that many middle-eastern students are anything but tollerent people
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OK son, you believe that
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In answer to the original posters question:
"Is it a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism?"

Is it wrong to be fundamental in one's religion?
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To the OP: no.

There are various talks of all kinds of natures, but no one's compelled to go to them.
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Being there four days a week- both campuses- since october i've never seen any drugs being offered or taken. Its quite a letdown actually.

I never see you around! Probably because you're in the library and I'm in the JCR :p:
In answer to the original posters question:
"Is it a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism?"

Is it wrong to be fundamental in one's religion?
That's irrelevant, if I wanted to make a point about something being wrong I would have used 'extremism'.
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Is there an islamic fundamentalist society at soas? how long does the beard have to be :p:
2 foot, at least
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hahahaha :biggrin:
On the several occasions that I have walked through the SOAS campus I have noticed drug dealers hanging around the perimeter gate leading onto Russell Square. According to Wikipedia “The SOAS bar used to be one of the most famous students' union bars in the UK due to frequent incidents of drug use… The rate of drug use and dealing in the bar got to such levels that it was raided by the police a number of times ...

And on the subject of the union: “SOAS Students' Union is known for ....Anti-Semitism… one society that has had a particular impact on SOAS life is the Palestinian Society... ... it has carried out several “occupations” of SOAS buildings in protest at all kinds of things from library fines to the cost of a cup of tea.

Sounds far worse than I thought.:eek:
Everyone knows about the institutionalised drug use at SOAS, but I am surprised at allegations that extreme Palestinian groups are active there.

Perhaps I am just naive.:frown:
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full of them extremists