Edexcel GCE A2 Business studies (2008)

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Hello everyone

So after browsing through TSR for a while I realised that the edexcel A2 B-stud isn't getting much love so let's get the conversation going

I'm currently doing A2 business studies (that's unit 3 and 4a) but the thing is I'm doing them completely on my own (bad decision really) and I haven't been doing too well on my own so I thought I'd share and maybe more people who are experienced can help me and those in the same boat as me might benefit as well

Basically post whatever you can to help, or post whatever you need help with, be it resources like revision notes, power points etc, or analysis of case studies that you find useful, specially analysis of the pre released material of Unit 4a. Let this be a master post for the upcoming summer 2015 exam session discussion

good luck everyone!

thank you for reading

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