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The big thread of questions about Track status

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How do you mean you're not a "novel-writing dead-cert"?

Someone at my school has written a novel and got accepted from Durham straight away (he also got into Oxford). I havent done anything amazing like that so i wasnt accepted in Nov, and might not be.

Oh i see you got into York, same here. What do you think about it, would you go?
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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Oh i see you got into York, same here. What do you think about it, would you go?

Oh dear! Well I haven't published a novel we're in the same boat!
As a university York's fantastic - but i'm not too sure about the campus... :s-smilie: I think I'll go and visit on the open day to check it out. I'll certainly be taking York over Leeds though - so might see you there!
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I hate Durham Track!

I'm not too bothered abou Durham any more, but it's so irritating not to have heard. Apart from anything, if they give me an offer lower than four A's (likely :wink:) then it'd qualify for an insurance...
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I know there have been a few threads on this before but as far as I can see they're all confusing as hell!
If your Durham track thing changes to say your application has been sent to a college does that mean (providing a collge accepts you!) you're in?
Or is the Durham track just evil and confusing - raising people up then smashing your dreams!
Anyway just wondering how long it takes for colleges to decide and UCAS update. Anyone got any experience of this?

P.S. Well done to anyone who has got in so far! x :suitc:
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Did you *actually* read the other threads on the subject?

Do not get your hopes up. Wait until it is confirmed on UCAS.
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Yes I did *actually* read them. But they're old now and quite frankly useless as people post completely contradictory statements. All I want to know is if after being rejected from my top choice uni and receiving nothing from any other place I *might* actually get an offer from somewhere that will possibly make me feel the tiniest bit better over what has frankly been a crap application process! x
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yes you are wont change again and neither will your ucas track for a bit
(well mine hasnt)
the college will contact you by a letter if they accept you...i got my letter yesterday :smile:
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yes you are in...

(provided the college accepts you)
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OOooh well done! *clappage*.
Yeah if track and little blurb under track are reliable then I have to get through collgey bit, but won't get first choice as is Castle but don't really care! Just want to get in haha. x
but won't get first choice as is Castle but don't really care! Just want to get in haha. x

You'd be surprised! I put castle as my first choice having never been to Durham. just browsed colleges on Wikipedia saw you could live in castle :smile: Applied and only later read it was like 15-1 applicants: ****.

Gave up on it, with my average grades and state comp. background. a week ago my offer letter came through, the same day as my Cambridge pool-rejection one :smile: :smile:

Bring on Castle 07. IT'S A CASTLE :smile: :smile:
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This has been said countless times before, but I will repeat it.

Technically, if you are accepted by the department, you are definitely going to be accepted by the university. However, some colleges receive a lot of applications and yours may not have room for you. Thus they might pool you to another college. So you might get an offer from a college you didn't reply to, or you might get an offer from the one you *did* reply to.

However, Durham Track is rubbish and is incorrect (apparently) quite a lot of the time. So just wait until it comes up on UCAS without making assumptions. Durham Track is unlikely to change again before UCAS tells you the outcome, anyhow.

Okay, so enough with these threads now. Please.
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Jelkin I applied to Collingwood too and mine hasn’t been received by the college yet. So don’t worry I think it’s the college.
Has your been accepted by department? mine just says recieved.:s-smilie:

lets hope the "not yet recieved" means it will be recieved soon enough by the college which will make the offer :p:
I hope durham should be firm.:biggrin:
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yes, it should mean you are in. (congratulations!) it's true that durham track is crap though--i just got my offer in the mail, but nothing has shown up on track OR ucas
My UCAS tracker says offer made, but had nothing from Durham, tracker still at college stage, and it's been like that for a week now...
Track is rubbish - when i applied told me i was rejected. I was really gutted phoned up the department and they told me i was in. I think durham track is useless and you should wait for a decision from durham itself.
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However, Durham Track is rubbish and is incorrect (apparently) quite a lot of the time.

Sorry Jess not actually replying to you in particular, just wanted to use this quote if that's OK with you :p:

Erm...yeah....the thing with Durham Track is it tends to be slow on telling you if you've been rejected. I don't think I've ever heard of ANYONE being told they've been accepted by Durham Track then receiving a letter saying they've been rejected....this would be chaos for the University (however telling someone they've been rejected when they'd actually been accepted, however annoying, is nowhere near as bad!)

SO - if it says you've been accepted I'd say there's a 99.9% chance that it's correct, the University would be up the pooper if it was telling people they're in when they're not! :rolleyes:

But if it says you've been rejected - THEN make sure you wait for your letter just to confirm it, it **could** (1.57% of the time :wink:) be wrong :smile: