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This list is a mixture of topics that will always be on the calculator test, topics that were not on the non-calculator test and topics that are likely to recur.

The format is: topic/grade

square and cube numbers and root/ D
factors, multiples, primes / D
powers / D
squares, cubes, roots / D
equivilent fractions / D
simplify fractions. /D
order fractions / D

Percentage of amount /D
change to % with calculator /D
find fractions of amount / D
add & subtract fractions / D
multiply and divide fractions / D
change fractions to decimals / D
Long multiplication of decimals / D
Ratio / D
proportion recipe style questions /D
hard calculator questions /D
real. Life money questions /D

Percentage increase / decrease c
product of prime factors / c
HCF /c
standard form /c
4 rules of negatives /c
division by 2 digit decimals /c
estimation /c
compound interest /b
reverse percentage /b
four rules of fractions /b

Rationalise the denominator a/a*
Direct and inverse proportion a/a*
Upper/ lower bound a/a*

Data handling:
two way tables /d
pie charts /d
frequency diagrams /d
list of outcomes /d
mutually exclusive events /d
averages from a table/ c
questionnaire s /c
boxplots / b
tree diagrams /b
histograms a/a*
Probability and or questions a/a*
Stratified sampling a/a*

Algebra :
generate a sequence from nth term /d
algebraic simplification/c
expand and simplify brackets /c
form equations /c
inequalities /c
trial and improvement /c
nth term location /c
draw straight line graphs /c
equation of a straight line /c
simultanious equation by graph/c
draw quadratic graphs /c
real life graphs /c
solve quadratics by factorising/b
difference of 2 squares /b
simultanious equations /b
graphs of cynics and reciplicle functions/b
recognise the shape of functions/b
solve quadratics using the formula a/a*
Solve quads by completing the square a/a*
Algebraic fractions a/a*
Simultanious equations involving quadratic a/a*
gradients of perpendicular and parallel lines a/a*
Graphs of trig functions
transformations of trig functions a/a*
Graphs of exponential functions a/a*

angle sum of a triangle /d
properties of special triangles /d
area of a circle /d
Circumfrence /d
area of compound shapes /d
enlargements /d
translations /d
measuring a nd drawing angles /d
drawing triangles /D
plans and elevations/D
nets /d
Pythagoras /c
3d coords /c
surface area of cuboids /c
volume of prism /c
similar shapes /c
dimensions /c
bounds /c
compound measure /c
bisect a line /c
perpendicular bisecor /c
bisect an angle. /c
loci /c
bearings /c
trig /b
similar shapes /b
circle theorems /b
enlarge by negative scale factor a/a*
Equations of circle and loci a/a*
Sine and cosine a/a*
Pythagoras in 3d a/a*
Trig in 3d a/a*
Area of triangle 1/2absinc a/a*
Segments and frostums a/a*
Congruent triangles a/a*
Vectors a/a*
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Thanks, I'm basing my future on this post.
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Somewhere around 90 I think for an A*.
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Calculator can't be that high lmao, an A* is around 82

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