Anyone who sat the AQA AS music exam, 2nd June?

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hey guys,

Firstly, how did you find the AQA AS music exam? Hope it went well

I'm starting this forum because I'm looking for a piece of music featured in the listening section if the exam. The piece I'm looking for was the extract of a violin/piano duet. I think it was question two on the listening paper. One of the questions in that section of the listening was where you had to underline that there was a canonic feature in the music (at least if I heard it correctly). It definitely sounded a romantic piece.

This is the first time I've heard this piece, and whilst I can't remember very much about it, I thought it was gorgeous. I'm a violinist, and I really want to find this piece so I can play it myself, possibly for uni music auditions.

So the piece of question 2 of the listening section of the exam- duet for violin and piano, romantic sounding, canonic features. If anyone has any idea what it is please let mw know as I am desperate to find it!

thank you and good luck in your exams 😊

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