can i resit year 12 and will a uni accept me into medicine

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I do biology, chemistry, physics and maths. did little revision until may and most of revision was done during my exams. I think i did okay in:
unit1 + unit 2 - biology
unit1 - physics
unit1 - chemistry

I definately messed up:

unit 2 - physics
unit 2 - chemistry
maths - c1 c2 s1

These overall results will probably be U,C,D,E

However i know if i resit i can deffinately get at least a A,A,A,B as when i revise i can realy excell in all my subjects also i did no past paper practice which i think also played a massive role in my f*** up.

So my question is can i resit all of my year 12 subjects and possibly do medicine at university.

Also which universities would take a resit student.
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Most uni's won't give you an offer for medicine if you resit the year.
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Lincoln will

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I can tell you the answer for this question very simply.

You CAN resit and get into a good uni and medicine

However, you CAN'T with the grades you're thinking of getting.

First of all getting into medicine as a usual student that has completed the course in the 2 years is hard enough.

It's competitive and as far as I now, very few uni's are looking for AAAB students for medicine, and if it is those grades then they would be looking at an exceptional personal statement and great achievement on the BMAT/UKCAT.

For any course, as a repeat student, the expected grades should be higher in order to compete on the same level as non resit students.

So overall, I am not saying you are not at the standard to get in, you may be able to do better than AAAB, and may be putting yourself down or lacking confidence right now.

so it would be good if you try again, however, your attitude is lacking.

You should be aiming higher than that, and except no lower than an A and aim for an A*.

I know people with A*A*A's that didnt succes much into getting in a good position at a med school.

Also, surely a person smart enough knows their capabilities. If you think that you're only capable of an AAAB then it must mean that.. you probably can only get that, unless you're shy or .. whatnot

anyway, point is, I don't know how much you want this, but if you do, show it, and you will get accepted. A personal statement is very important too.
Practise some BMAT question to check how capable you are.

Last note, most unis slow repeat students but very few allow repeat students for medicine

I believe there is a list online
Of which, some of those want some sort of medical form or reasonable excuse.

I am not saying this to put you down. I am just disappointed at how little you expressed your strong passionate and how much you want this.

Therefore I saying this to push you, and motivate you and help you improve.
Only by competition or someone pushing you will you do your absolute best. Human motivation during hardwork is not enough.

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