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The Warwick Accommodation Thread (+Guide in Post#1)

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If you want loud music, I'd say rootes. Def not Arthur Vick not sure about JM.

I get my work done fine in rootes. Remember you have your own room, as long as you can make yourself work there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to.

(Rootes definetely the place to be)
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
Was looking for some advice for accomm.

Basically, I am heavy on clubbing and going out and I like to pump the rap music, so I'd be looking for that kinda surroundings but similarly I don't want to just live with the doss people heading for a 2.2 as I'm intending to get much work done (not sure if clubbing and work are mutually exclusive?)

Also I'm gonna study Economics, so I wouldn't want to be far from that part of the Uni.


hey dude,im going to study economics too.i, like yourself want to work hard when i get to warwick but am also quite outgoing and love playing my rap/bassline/grime music.i was thinking JM/rootes and a then a third choice.if that helps :smile:
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I'll check this Rootes thing out.

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1) How many people are situated in Westwood overall and is it a place where many international students are situated?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks,
Kayleigh x

There are about 500 students at Westwood, and yes there are a few internationals (this will go up next year due to becoming 39 week let), but its not swamped by them. There's a really good mix, actually.
Dear Mod or Admin or something,

Please can we get this sticky'd? Along with the entertainment one? They're useful!! :]

Yours affectionately,
Scribble_girl :p:
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Dear Mod or Admin or something,

Please can we get this sticky'd? Along with the entertainment one? They're useful!! :]

Yours affectionately,
Scribble_girl :p:

huzzah, i shall take that as a compliment on how great my ideas are. :p: feel free to +rep me :biggrin: I won't complain...

You'd prob need to ask in the Ask a Mod forum, I got bullied for asking that my own post get stickied.. lol :rolleyes:
Haha, depends if I feel like being nice :p:

And as for the rep... cheeky. I shall consider it ^_^
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lol. you do that :biggrin:
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can someone please explain how the accommodation application procedure works? I think we have three choices, only one of which can be ensuite, and these must be ranked? Is it first come first served? How hard is it to get into your first choice (which in my case would be either AV or JM)? I really really want en-suite....

how long after accepting warwick as firm can you send off for accommodation?

when does the accommodation information come, and when can you send off the application in other words?

accommodation information came like 2-3 weeks before the start of term it was actually a very long wait for the accommodation but i did get my first choice of claycroft and i believe the accommodation information for freshers have to fill out their accommodation information by end of june last year so who knows just check the website
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Is anyone here in Lakeside?

It looks pretty good (especially the 39-week let) but I was wondering what the general feeling about it is and just how 'international' it is? I don't especially want to land up in a really 'cliquey' place.

I lived there last year, my friend, and you would probably be a little disappointed.

It's a gorgeous place to live, and to be fair I didn't notice it so much in my first year (you get used to it, I guess), but it's SO quiet. A couple of times this year I went walking around the lake there between lectures, and I felt as if I couldn't raise my voice when talking to who I was with.

It does have a very 'international' feel to it. Personally I never formally introduced myself to one of our Chinese flatmates, whereas our other one was a genuinely nice guy (whose English improved beyond belief!). I'll not forget the night when the latter tried to put a frozen pizza in the microwave to cook :tongue:. Anyways, it entirely depends on the type of people you get put with, I guess, and regardless of where people come from you'll get some a-holes.

Too often though it's said that quite a few of the Chinese students living there don't seem to make any effort to get to know other people, which seems bizarre given that they'll presumably travel so far for the culture etc. as well as the reputation. Partly it may be nerves, partly the language barrier, partly "orienteering" which'll mean that they'll all already mutually be friends before others even arrive, and partly other things maybe. In any case there is definitely a 'cliquey' feel to Lakeside.

Like I say though, I only say this on reflection. It's not such a bad place, and I don't regret staying there (much :tongue:). Just find a load of people you get on with, and don't for a second feel bounded by the people in your kitchen!

One more thing to bear in mind though. Accouding to our residental tutor Lakeside is the kind of place "you go back to after a hard day to read a book and have a cup of hot cocoa" and thus hardly the most sociable halls (the r.t. also asked the DJ to turn the music down at our welcome disco, allegedly, heh heh). Not bad, but not brilliant. There were also signs up around Lakeside saying "STRICTLY NO PARTIES AT ANY TIME". It didn't necessarily stop people throwing small dos, but don't expect much rowdiness from a kitchen (unless you're very un/lucky).
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Cheers mate, exactly the kind of info I was after! :yy:
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I was thinking of Tocil for number 3 on my form, the points on the front page look good, has anyone got anything to add to it please :smile:? Thanks alot.
yes yes tocil is a very nice place. Freshers will usually pick Rootes cause its 30 week rent and they read on TSR that its filled with parties, but by the term 2 or term 3 you wont really have time, energy or the money to go to a rip-off union party other than Top B on mondays lol. I currently live in Claycroft and I love it. Its very close to all my lectures especially the ones I have in the math building its like a 2 minute walk plus the huge football/cricket field we have front of our accommodation and the best thing is its 5 minutes away from Tesco so that you wont have to lug everything across Lakeside, Cryfield, Rootes or etc.
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... the best thing is its [Claycroft] 5 minutes away from Tesco so that you wont have to lug everything across Lakeside, Cryfield, Rootes or etc.

Amen to that. Dragging a Tesco shop back into Warwickshire (did I mention that Lakeside is in a different county to most of the campus? lol) isn't all that fun. It's doable, but not easy!
so whats the verdict on benefactors? it looks nice enough but there seems to be next to nothing in terms of information or knowledge about it?

is it anti- social or something?

Benefactor rooms are huge its literally an apartment its like 6 times my room since it has a down and upstairs its right next to rootes and the student union (at its current location), I have been to Benefactors couple of times since my friend lives their the rooms are nice its huge, en-suite the bathroom is quite nice but the kitchen is too small for everyone to share i think its like 20 ppl sharing the kitchen.
cheers mate, that was very useful....talking to a couple of ppl i know there though, they barely knew benefactors existed since they personally don't know anybody from there. I found this weird considering its seemingly prime location. Would it be a better bet to pay the extra £6 or so a week for a froom at jm or av then?

thanks in advance
AV and JM are so nice i mean the room is en-suite has a bathroom but the thing is its 30 week rent and since im an international i just couldn't be bothered to clean up and leave so i got claycroft but its all up to you AV and JM are basically the same thing but i think AV is cheaper by like 3-4 quid a week??

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