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maths: warwick or durham

pretty much says it all in the title.. iv heard the are bth quite boring... is this true?im a hard worker and good at maths.. i think .. :P thanx:smile:
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Don't know about Durham but Maths here certainly isn't boring. Have you visited both unis to find out about their course and to see if there is anything offered that particularily interests you? Warwick seem to have more modern facilities for their mathematicians (from what I saw last year) and certainly spend more money on them than Durham (official figures will tell you this).

Warwick mathematicians also get to choose from a wide range of courses across the university so you can continue with something you studied at A-Level if the department offering the course agrees. There are plenty of 'usual' module options offered by Stats, Physics, Philosophy, Language Centre, Computer Science, Economics and Engineering but you also have to option to take so called 'unusual' options from other departments so you should not get bored at Warwick.

Saying that being a hard worker and good at Maths are not the only things necessary to do well at either place though, you need to have a genuine interest in the subject.
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
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thanks, im glad there are a lot of modules to choose from, i have an interest in languages but colouldnt take any at a-level due to timetable clashes. I do hav a great interestt, im a big geek i love it, but didnt want to write that in the first post!haha thanks for replying, i think im coming down to visit on the 21st.. or sumthin like that :smile: woo
I am familiar with both Warwick and Durhams maths courses so Ill try and give you my view. Academically Warwick is regarded as being better for maths, but in reality the courses are fairly similar; both are of a similar pace covering more or less the similar material. However, at Warwick you get more assignments, most of which are for credit and are more difficult than the assignments at Durham, most of which arent for credit. Also, the exams at Warwick seem harder, but thats just from the papers Ive seen. Durham has a much smaller intake, ~110 I think whereas Warwick has an intake of ~280 if youre interested in that. And as overlife said, Warwick University is very much behind its Mathematics department which is evident from the new building.

If you value the social experience, Durham is better in my opinion.

Overall, youre fine going to either University. If youre good at maths then both will equip you well in terms of careers.
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^^ sadly its true that socially durham is better. not saying that warwick is bad, its just the collegiate system makes things much more interesting. PLUS the union ents are much better (planet of sound!!), and formals and balls and all the rest. although it lost a lot of its attraction when I left though, I must tell you. Sorry about that. :p: