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Reblet, Mansfield is indeed small, beautiful and awesome however it has a reasonably low number of applicants per place as we're not very well known (and we're also pretty poor). This does not necessarily mean it's easier to get into though as quite alot of applicants from other colleges are allocated to mansfield. Notably in my year none of the lawyers actually applied to Mansfield.

Don't worry if you don't consider yourself to be a high-flyer or all-rounder. I doubt many people here would describe themselves as that.You should be aiming for 3As as if you're offered a place this is what it's likely to be, but ultimately what they are looking for is potential in your subject which they will judge by your interview(s), application (reference, predicted/achieved grades, ps) and any tests or submitted work. In particular don't worry about extra-curriculars as the admissions' tutor made a point of saying that they are not concerned about whether you are the captain of a rugby team or a diploma musician, beyond the fact that this shows you can succeed academically alongside other pursuits.
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no offence, but aren't they always at the bottom of the norrington table? i'm not really sure what you mean here...i guess it doesn't really matter because the differences aren't that great and the table doesn't count for much, if at all! But was wondering what u've based such a sweeping statement on...

My graduating class was quite high, just above the waistline, but yes usually we only beat the likes of Harris Manchester.
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Hi there! I applied to Mansfield for PPE. Now I was about to ask about Mansfield tutors in general and their expectations/preferences.

I am an IB student doing the German Abitur in addition to the IB at a German state school.
Does any of the current students know about how Mansfield tutors like the IB and Abitur? Perhaps even predicted grades the ones who got admitted had??
More importanatly, I am worried about having messed up the essay in the PPE exam. I figure that the pieces of written work I sent in are above average, yet the essay in the examination certainly isn't.

Does any of the current students have an idea about what matters most to the Mansfield tutors?
-Predicted grades
-Written work

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Hey there!
My IB offer for Materials Science (yes, it's a bit different) was a 7 for Math HL and 6s in Chemistry and Physics. Oh yeah, and a total of 39 points. In the end I had 40 points, with a 7 in physics and a 6 in math, but they still accepted me. Draw your own conclusions.
On a brighter note, IB points have been translated into UCAS tariff points and the outcome's been rather positive for us. Eg my 40 points = 5 Alevels... :-P So cheer up!
btw, trust me, the interviews time was one of the best moments I've got from last December. :smile:. Just enjoy yourself to the fullest, talk about PPE for a bit with the right people and go easy on biscuits and cards. :smile: Oh, worry for a teeny bit, but don't overstress ourself. Adreniline's healthy only in safe doses. :smile:
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Thanks for the reply!
Today finally I received an interview invitation from Mansfied (college of preference) and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone around. (I'm happy and admittely quite nervous), yet I'm sure it'll be a great experience!!!
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I've been re-allocated to Mansfield from Worcester for Law, and I'm coming down for interviews next week from 4th-7th December.

Don't really know much about it, though from the photos I've seen it looks absolutely beautiful!

I'm a fairly musical person, so I was wondering what opportunities in the way of bands, orchestras, choirs, etc. Also, quite keen to keep up my piano playing, so is there a piano that students can practice on?

Many thanks!
Good luck to anyone with interviews at Mansfield! Just try to relax and enjoy the time off school. Oh, and go to room B10, for tea and biscuits with current students :smile:

IB-fairy, as far as the Arbitur is concerned I think the standard offer is something like 1.2, but it may be 1.0, and 13-15 in your major subjects. There's a girl in my year (3rd year) doing PPE and I think she came out with something between 1.2 and 1.5. Don't worry too much about it though, it seems like you're a well-prepared applicant, and I'd imagine your offer will be on IB? They take everything into account so they're not going to be swayed by one factor on its own (although there's a misconception that the interview is all that matters).

Sephaeii, Mansfield is not particularly renowned for its musical tradition but there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in music. We have our own choir, which is non-auditioning and fairly laid-back, or there are lots of other choirs, some more impressive, at other colleges and university based choirs that sings all different styles of music. We don't have an orchestra/band but there are uni based orchestras generally aimed for those of grade 8+ standard, as well as more relaxed ones in other colleges that you can join. There is also a huge range of uni-wide bands, groups and ensembles. We have a beautiful grand piano in the chapel which you can practise on :smile:
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Hi iluvcheesecake

You had me hooked at the words "grand piano"! I didn't realise that you could join musical ensembles at other colleges, so thanks for that!

Really looking forward to arriving tomorrow, I shoudl be there for 5pm. Eep. I'll probably see you around1
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I had a great time at Mansfield, and I just want to say thanks to everyone I met, you were all brilliant people!

Also, to the wonderful runners, who can't have had an easy job (especially the slight mix up with reading resources on the first day of Law interviews...). I especially want to say thanks to the runner I spoke to after my first interview when I'd gotten myself worked up to a bit of a state. He calmed me down and helped me see that I probably hadn't screwed it up completely, despite what I thought, and I was able to go into (and come out of) the next interview feeling a lot more confident and happier. So thank you.

Now all I have to do is wait for the letter!
Glad you enjoyed your stay at Mansfield. I ended up speaking to a couple of prospective lawyers, not sure whether I spoke to you, but wasn't running this year as I had to work (the joys of the 3rd year!).

To reiterate what I imagine you were told, interviews can appear to be much worse than they actually are. I remember thinking my philosophy interview wasn't at all good. The whole point is for them to test your capability and to do that they'll often push you to your limit by asking pretty tough, indepth questions. Best thing to do now is to try not to relive them too much...

Good luck for your response and hope to see you next year!
Yeah, thanks to all the lovely Mansfield people from me too :smile:

I loved Mansfield so so much! I kinda wish I'd hated it, so rejection wouldn't be so bad! Argh! :redface:

I'm so jealous of everyone who lives there all year... I didn't want to leave :p:
Where were people staying for interviews and what did you think?

I thought my interviews went badly as well. Hey, I had to go to hildas for an interview last year, which was random and the tutors didnt know what was going on, even though im obviously a guy! (I have a beard!) I got in though!
:') interviews - that seems such a long time ago! My interviews story in entirety is too long to begin to tell here!
Yesterday I received an offer from Mansfield to read English. Are there any successful English, PhilTh, PPE or Geography candidates here? If so, I may have met you at interview. I was staying in D1, with a PhilTh applicant from Birmingham called Charlie.
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I was rejected from Mansfield for Law. Hope that some of the other lovely Law people (and people for other courses) that I met while I was there had more luck than me!
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Yesterday I received an offer from Mansfield to read English. Are there any successful English, PhilTh, PPE or Geography candidates here? If so, I may have met you at interview. I was staying in D1, with a PhilTh applicant from Birmingham called Charlie.

I got accepted to Geography at Mansfield but was pooled from St. John's so we probably didn't meet.
Congratulations to anyone who got an offer from Mansfield. Feel free to post questions, etc :smile: Commiserations to those who didn't, it seemed like there were a lot of applicants per place as well as some being allocated from other colleges, so the competition was pretty tough. Good luck whatever uni you end up at.
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Yesterday I received an offer from Mansfield to read English. Are there any successful English, PhilTh, PPE or Geography candidates here? If so, I may have met you at interview. I was staying in D1, with a PhilTh applicant from Birmingham called Charlie.

I was there at interview but got rejected (for English). Well done on getting in though! I'm assuming you're one of the boys if you shared a room with Charlie? The only male English applicant I spoke to down there was Ki (don't know if you met him) and heard from him the other day saying he didn't get in either. Anyway, don't know if you know who I am but my name's Sinead and I was the girl who was in the shower when the fire alarm went off! :rolleyes: Have you heard anything about anyone else getting in?
I was the girl who was in the shower when the fire alarm went off! :rolleyes:

It seems we have something in common, then: I was in an interview! I probably did meet you, though I'm terrible with names. The only other successful English applicant that I've heard of was a girl called Emily -- not sure if you met/remember her.
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I might have spoken to Emily. She wasn't from Swansea was she? I kept getting mixed up with all the girls, because two of them were called Emma, there was an Emily and an Ellie as well! But I had a cup of tea with one of them and I think it was Emily.
No, she's from Bristol, but I know who you're talking about (and also can't remember her name!).

Also, I just noticed your location, and think I remember you now. I think I might have talked to you and a girl called Caitlin at dinner on the first night. Ring any bells?

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