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Hello everyone.

I am facing a little 'dilemma' at the moment. I am a graduate student from Cass Business School, holding a BSc in Finance with a First Degree.

I am currently holding two offers for my MSc studies.

1 Offer: LSE MSc in Management, Organisation and Governance
2 Offer: Imperial MSc in Economics and Strategy for Business

3 'choice': wait one year and get into LBS MiM course or some finance/economics related course at Cambridge.

I am would welcome some advice here, because I am not certain, which path I should follow.

Eventually, I want to end up in strategy consulting.

Many thanks
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Well thats a pretty tough choice, all the 3 schools are pretty well known & prestigious. I have some fair knowledge about the MiM at LBS and LSE, so i can give my 2 cents about them. Also in my view LSE and LBS have a more established MiM program over Imperial, so i think that automatically puts them above Imperial, but then thats my view point.

Well as for LSE and LBS, these are the differences according to what ive found:

1) LBS is a fast paced 1 year program while LSE is a more theoretical 2 year program. In fact LSE describes its MiM program as "unshamedly academic" and touts it as a program to build a sound business foundation.
2) LBS costs around around 27500 pounds while LSE is a total of almost 50000 pounds, of course it is a 1 year vs 2 year program
3) LBS core values are more towards leadership and dynamism while LSE preaches a more in depth critical thinking approach as can be observed via its core value "Analyzing the cause of things"
4) Base Salary of 36,295PS & 97% accepted a Job offer within 3 months of graduation for LBS
86% in work/further study 6 months after graduation & 38,100 pounds avg salary for LSE

So in conclusion if you are looking for a faster way to get a good business education and get into the industry - LBS is a good choice, while f you want to build a strong business foundation and dont mind a more in-depth 2 year course LSE would be optimal.
As for getting into strategy consulting, don't worry. All top consulting companies recruit from both LSE and LBS, its a really great way to enter the consulting sector.
Hope the answer helped.
You can check out for more detailed reviews about the schools, as well as info on how to crack their admission process.

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