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I've just finished my AS year, I studied ICT, Psychology and a BTEC National in Sport. Its fair to say I have not enjoyed this year, I've found the workload for psychology to be tough, as the amount of topics you had to study, which never ended up being examined on, was massive. I also found it tough to juggle coursework for my BTEC with coursework in ICT, not helped by 2 changes of teachers.
Overall I'm predicting a C in psychology, B in ICT and a Merit in Sport. So now i'm thinking about next year. The jump from psychology AS to A2 is said to be one of the biggest jumps, and throw in a 3rd unit of coursework for ICT, it will be alot tougher. Halfway through this year I was introduced to quantity surveying, and after alot of research into the career, as well as university courses, I decided it was the path I wanted to go down.
But I find myself in the dilemma of what I am going to do next year. I'm unsure whether to start A2, doing some tough subjects which, although would get me into uni, provide me with no skills or experience to help with university. Or, to study the extended diploma in construction and the built environment. This would give skills required for my degree, and also others such as civil engineering, as well as placements with site experience working with people within the industry. Also with this, I could also go to uni after the first year with a combination of my AS aswell as a 90 credit diploma. However I worry I would have less experience and less developed skills, which could haunt me when looking for employment?
So all in all, what would you recommend? Start A2, study the extended diploma for 2 years or go to uni after the 1st year of the extended diploma, appreciate all feedback!

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