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Bumps, Blades, and Bowballs- Cambridge Boatie Chat

Well, we'll see if this works. 2k times (everyone seems to be doing them now) etc, you name it.


To start thigns off: Simoco have asked me to cox one of their senior men's eights in the Winter League on Sunday, which is quite exciting. I'm really looking forwards to it!

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I've made Maggie provisional 2nds, and we're racing on Saturday!

After one outing.

Which we're having on Friday afternoon.

I think I speak for the whole crew when I say:

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Heh, I'm in RCBC so I've probably seen you at the boathouse at some point. I've no idea where I came in the 2k tests, it wasn't a fantastic time but they seemed to be a really mixed bag. Some of the members hadn't even seen an erg in about 2 months :biggrin: But then the other thing is I'm absurdly light so the power/weight ratio is grossly skewed.

What's the Saturday race?

Everyone - Robinson Head - Friday 9 February 2007 - woo!
Saturday race is the Head To Head- racing P&E to Baitsbite, and then spinning, waiting a bit, and then coming back down.

So a double lock run at full race pressure! :eek:

I've definately got a Simoco women's eight in the first division. We probably won't be spectacular, but this is really just prep for Eights head later on.

However I might also have my Clare M2 also entered, in which case I'd have to drop Sims if we do.

On Sunday, in the winter league, I've got a Sims senior men's eight which I'm REALLY looking forwards to doing.

A great amount of stress relief at the start of term!
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Jim Arnold
Some of the members hadn't even seen an erg in about 2 months :biggrin:

Guilty as charged :redface:
7:51 for me. Got me into the 3rd boat, which is where I wanted to be, so it's all good.
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I almost feel like I'm missing out, you know! However, Clare W2 (probably will always be the boat closest to my heart, though I obviously want W1 to hold the headship!) look to have a pretty good crew this term, so I'm happy.

FTB, if your crew or anyone else needs bank partying/kit monkeying for any races, let me know. With Nigel out of action in Addies, CBC is missing one of its loyalest supporters!

Oh, and H2H is nasty. Especially when someone's topnut comes off with 500m to go in the first leg...
Will do.

I've got a few medics in the boat, too, so they might know you! You want to be "Mummy"? :p:

Seemingly got 4 outings this weekend, 2 of which are races, 1 particularly long. Hmm... might need some Tunes or Strepsils!

Oh, and H2H is nasty. Especially when someone's topnut comes off with 500m to go in the first leg...

Moral of the story- bring a rigger jigger and tighten before the race! Have you seen my special floating one...?
So, how was H2H for everyone?

Ours was distinctintly patchy, but with odd flourishes of Lents promise! :smile:
Good fun. My Simoco women might not be the fastest, but they're gutsy. After a laugh at the "young whippersnappers" in the college first boats it was off, being chased by Nines. By the Plough they were four lengths behind, at which point I decided "**** this! They're NOT getting past" and we kept ahead of them, crossing four lengths ahead. It was quite like Bumps coming around first post corner, but I did some cunning steering and they felt the puddles.

On the way back, it was a fast set off behind Christs W1; we kept behind them until the Plough, but there was some interferance from a Double which I had to let through the inside at Ditton and which then sat resolutely off my bow ball down the first pasrt of the reach... we had a massive headwind and Nines were closing again, but there was a decisive push right the way from the railway bridge down to Top Finish and we stayed ahead again.

The bacon sandwiches and tea afterwards were particularly nice. :biggrin:

Now to wait for the results- should have them, when they're worked out...

Now for the Winter League tomorrow. With two races!
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I heard there was a certain amount of Jesus domination?
I didn't, as the results arn't AFAIK up yet. Will check now.

Nope, they're not. Oh dear, can you back up your claim? :p:


Anywhoo, just back from teh winter league- same Simoco women's eight in the first division, and we had a good race, making 5 lengths on the boat ahead, and then in division three a men's four. Fastest I've ever been on the Cam- fantastic fun! I've never really sworn so much in one continuous stream of motivational invective either, too...
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Just an email from our womens' captain (I think).
"The women's VIII won their category, and were the fastest
women's boat on the river. A women's quad also raced and were the second
fastest women's boat on the river."
Maggie first men won, but I don't know how we (seconds) did.
Where are you getting the results from? has nothing yet. :s:
No, I have no idea about times. I just know they won cos I row at Maggie and my friends got cups! :smile:
According to the Simoco emails, my men's Four was 9th overall and my Sim's women were 9th in a division of 12 in the Winter League.

Head to head we managed 11:30 and 12:03, pushing off a Nine's women's eight all the time. Great fun!
Bit random, but how good do you have to be to get into a college boat? (I'm hopefully going to sidney, so its smallish that must better my chances lol)
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Generally everyone who wants to row gets to row, I think.
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This year at Robinson , we have 24 people who want to be in a boat. Kinda coincidentally ideal.
The only reason you wouldn't get into a boat is if you were unreliable about turning up for stuff. Pretty much anyone who has any vague aspiration to row will do so at some level.

Has anyone found a complete list of H2H results yet?!

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