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Ditting Suck
sounds fun. I've never rowed on the Thames, but I imagine the coxing is tricky for someone who's used to the relatively serene Cam!

It was. The worst part, though, was the marshalling at the start and finish- Eights everywhere...
Remember that accident I told you ll about a month or so ago...?

*bumps thread*
Reminds me why I always feel stressed when coxing expensive boats.
Oooh, a Pembroke cox- I've probably seen you at the boathouse...
Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
Remember that accident I told you ll about a month or so ago...?

*bumps thread*

Oops. This is why they have insurance...
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I just got my timetable for Stage 2. I'm in Addies for my first attachment, so I can do Mays if I choose to! :biggrin: Now I just have to decide which boat to go for...
M1! :p: I know plenty of women who'd like to go for M1... :wink:
Ee, only two days until the Henley races. I really wanted to go and watch them to see my friends that are in them, but I'm in Taiwan for both them and the main race. Alas. :frown:

I wonder how long until the main race is on youtube? might well have it. They tend to video most of the main races.
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I hear a lot of boats sank in division one, and that division two was abandoned.

one of our M1 bowsiders rowing for rob roy M2

Someone on the bank said that the Italians had sunk and other boats were doing the same.

There was sometimes an 18 inches to two feet difference between peak and trough of the waves.

One boat apparently snapped in half when sinking, and Leander have lost a 6 month old Empacher somewhere at the bottom of the dredged channel in the middle of the Thames.

...Cambridge [CUBC] got the fastest time of the 29 who made it to the finish. Presumably after the boat race last year they invested in some pumps...
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In the first photo, why does bow have his blade on stroke side (and all the other seats follow this change)? Is it just because it's late and I seem to have lost my spatial skills?:s:
It's a bow-rigged boat- basically, the Stroke is a bowsider. If you look at the chap he's wearing GB lycra, though I can't identify him.

Basically it's a way of having a bowsider stroke your boat. Clare W1 did it for Lents.


Basically, the entire race was abandoned. They started racing division one, but 10 boats basically sank- and these were the top crews, including Leander and a few others in nice boats, e.g. Empachers, Fillipis, etc. VERY bad conditions. There's a lot of chat on about it, too.

Perhaps FaT should have taken their Coastal Four down, they'd probably have won by staying afloat!
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Ah fair enough. I was sure there was a logical explanation somewhere...! Cheers.
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wow, didn't realise things were that bad for the horr.

yay about my friend getting to be the blue boat cox though!

Eagerly awaiting the results of the henley races now!
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does anyone know any of the results from today?

Lightweights go off in 5 mins I think
Well, I know the CUW cox is using my dictaphone (he lost his) so hopefully I'll have a recording of a winning boat...
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From the Henley Boat Races website:

1 April 2006: A very fast stream and a following breeze brought five record times at this year's races, but it was Oxford who made the best of the mixed weather, winning all bar one of the five races on the card. Cambridge prevented a Dark Blue clean sweep with a canvas win in the Women's Lightweight Boat Race - the most closely fought battle of the day.

Look at the date on that :wink:

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