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Look at the date on that :wink:

Ahem. :flute:
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Well, I know the CUW cox is using my dictaphone (he lost his) so hopefully I'll have a recording of a winning boat...

well you got your wish!

Shame for Clare's James Fulcher in the Lightweights, though.
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what were the full results

CUW won; Oxford won Lightweight Men, Lightweight Men's Reserves (by default; Granta wasn't entered), Women's Reserves, and Women's Lightweight. Scum. :p:
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Does anyone know our chances for tomorrow?
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i can tell you that i will be VERY shocked if cambridge dont win. The forecast is calm, so we wont have any crazy waves this year. Our crew is by far the more experienced. But the most important factor in my opinion is the fact that we have 5 guys in the boat who have already done the boat race, whereas I think oxford only have their president. Boat race experience is key in my opinion, because I think it's hard to appriciate how certain points in the race can really make or break the whole campaign, and experience means you're more likely to have the correct race to win.
Plus in all the tideway week photos, Cambridge just look so much tidier and together (but I know rowing isn't all about looking pretty....but with Olympic/World champion rowers in the boat, I doubt the power is going to be lacking).

The only point that has been raised a few times now is over the lack of experience of the Cambridge cox. Rebecca was my cox in my first year, so I know first hand what she is capable of....and given that she's had 2 years since then to improve, I have full confidence in her ability to guide our boat to victory. She's a superb cox, and obviously the Cambridge squad and coaches must think so too. I can't imagine that it's likely her skills are going to be stretched to their limit tomorrow.

And it's about time TJ won a boat race anyway.

Cambridge all the way!
That's good to hear. I wouldn't like to be in Rebecca's shoes right now... :s:
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That's good to hear. I wouldn't like to be in Rebecca's shoes right now... :s:

you wouldn't? really? In the shoes of someone who's going to be coxxing some of the finest young rowers in the world in arguably the most famous side-by-side race in the world, and be the on-paper favourites to win!? OK I'd be nervous but I'd be damn excited about it all!
Well, it's all complicated.

At the moment, I wouldn't want to do it because I'm not good enough. Yes, it would be thrilling, but I know that I'm not of her standard.

I'd also be massively nervous; I doubt I'd be sleeping right now! I was nervous and didn't really sleep before the first night of Lents, and I'll doubtlessly be worse for Mays- let alone the Boat Race!

On the other hand, I would be massively excited about it all too. It's a dream that I know I won't be able to persue; I'm a mediocre-good college cox, and a good-very good town club cox but I'm not up there yet. I am however going to keep it up and hopefully keep improving, but I doubt I'll reach that standard and I'll run out of degree before I get there!

Though I am considering switching to Archaeology for Part II, which would give me an extra year, so I could consider going on Dev Squad if that happenned.

Edit: Plus it would shut up all the people who keep telling me "Ooh, you cox... will we see you in the Boat Race, then?"
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How long did it take you to dig that one up?
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Lol! "Our cox has lovely ginger hair."
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Aroo! Aroo!
*enters Boatie chat*


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i don't go cambridge..i don't even go uni!
but well done! great race :smile:
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It's inspired me to go and do some work so that I can stay in Cambridge to wear Catz colours in Mays.

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