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I went out with the Clare Fellows Boat last night. It was...interesting. Coxed by my ex-DoS, who is a legendarily scary woman, and with lots of people who were far too important for me to criticise their technique (which in many cases was...interesting). We were in our biggest, heaviest boat - it's like rowing in a bathtub! And then we had to do a stupid exercise on the hard and James laughed at us. Wooo.
To be honest, I was laughing at Phil- I didn't see you there at all :redface:
I'm hardly representative, though, Will...

As far as I'm concerned, the university crews are the bee's knees in terms of technique and general standards and being able to be on equal terms has given me, and more importantly the crew, a confidence boost. I suppose, too, there's a difference between CULRC and CUBC- the former you can see are students, there'll be people you know and see around, whereas CUBC are off at Ely or with their national squads and you never see them at all.

We did CULRC proud last night with our head on collision with City - we might just have been sitting on the wrong side of the river, lined up perfectly so their cox couldn't see us. That boat certainly won't respect us anymore...
PLEASE say it was City II... :p:

It really does beg the question, "why were you on the wrong side of the river?" It was rather busy tonight (albeit not as much as an early morning) and some of the coxes *Ahem Champs IV and a Cantabs semi-novice boat...* were being a danger to themselves and everyone else.

Still, we did hold off several boats whilst rowing in pairs, which was fun!
Well it was the Kieran West boat, whichever that may be.
We were lining up at the railway bridge for a side-by-side piece down the reach but ended up sitting around for longer than planned. They came round the corner and rowed straight at us for about a minute while we just sat there thinking 'They must have seen us; there's no way anyone could not have seen us... oh, wait, maybe they haven't seen us... surely not... HOLD IT UP!!!' Bang etc. All very exciting.

Thing is, some town coxes aren't exactly the most observant... some are really good, too, and they're generally good rowers too but there's very few people, like me, who are sad enough to just go out and cox every day!

Just seen this. I like this line round First Post! :biggrin:
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does anyone know how the novice rules work for clubs? Is it only one novice boat out before 8:30am for the whole club, or does it mean one for the men's club and one for the women's club?
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one boat, if you have a larger boat club CUCBC will give you certain days where you will be allowed 2 boats out. It is based on last years entries to various novice events so Queens FAT LMBC and Jesus tend to be allowed two crews out most days and other clubs allowed 2 crews out 2 or 3 days a week and some of the smaller colleges may only be allowed one extra day. (I think minimum is 6 maximum is 10 outings allowed in mornings). CUBC will tell you which days you are allowed to send your second crew out
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I was under the impression it was one men's and one women's, but I'm not so sure now...
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So was I, but I'm at Jesus which could explain it
So I can't have all my novices join Simoco and go out when we damn well please? Pity... :rolleyes:

Incidentally, senior rowers who may be coaching: don't let your novices hit narrowboat Kestrel unless you want marks out of ten and coaching comments shouted at your crew. :wink:
There is far too high a interview: boatie chat ratio on this forum. Where've all the current cantabs gone?
I noviced this term; was good fun :cool:
I have just woken up after boat club dinner, yuck!
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You have yours on the night of Fairbairn's? Brave
Have just woken up after Snowball. Eughhhhhhhhhhhh......
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I'm hearing that my speech didn't go down very well at BCD - I think I made the mistake of being too honest.
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General gist for us?
I did some rather silly things after BCD, which my friends are happy to remind me of every day at the moment.
I'm hearing that my speech didn't go down very well at BCD - I think I made the mistake of being too honest.

You're meant to talk up everything you did, silly Emma-man :p: Like, "We came 17th in Fairbairns but we had a slight headwind in the reach, and our outing last week hit traffic so we couldn't practice high rate stuff... I think that we could have really WON had we not done that... we could have overbumped but for..." etc etc.!

I'm lookign forward to Wallingford Head next Sunday. SHould be good.

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