Weight gain alongside anti-depressants?

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I'm currently awaiting a GP appointment after my therapist has contacted them in regards to me starting a course of anti-depressants. The main thing that is stopping me is the thought of gaining weight on them as my weight plays a part in my moods, has anyone had any experience with gaining weight on anti-depressants? Is it possible to still maintain/even lose weight whilst on them?
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I think most antidepressants have the potential to make you gain weight - some more than others. A lot of people with depression have changes in appetite as a symptom with often weight loss or gain. This can be either eating too much or not eating enough. One of the reasons some people put on weight is that their appetite goes back to normal. These antidepressants make you more hungry rather than altering your metabolism, so, provided you eat reasonably, weight gain can be avoided.

I would make sure not to take mirtazapine if you don't want to gain weight. It has "mirtazapine munchies" as a very common side effect.
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I have been on anti-depressants for maybe 2 and a half years? (I think :/) I have gained over 2 stone in that time, and apparently it is due to my medication. However, recently I have started to lose weight, because I decided to try a healthier lifestyle, by going to a gym, eating less and healthier, and drinking more water. It can be incredibly hard to motivate yourself to do all those things sometimes, but it makes you feel so much better about yourself! Especially the exercise, tough at first but makes you feel like you can achieve something when you see improvements, and helps with the low mood a lot as well so as long as you watch what you eat and do a bit (doesn't have to be loads) of exercise, weight gain shouldn't be an issue just don't stop taking the medication

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