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Hi everybody,

I'm from Germany and I have to present a famous common law criminal case in a course next week.

Could you propose some interesting cases to me or tell me where I can find some?

I have already read through the following cases:
R v Blaue(1975)
R v Woolin(1998)
R v Brown(1994)
R v Dudley and Stephens(1884)
Re A(conjoined twins(2001)
West Memphis Three(1993)
Miranda v Arizona(1966) or similar Berghuis v. Thompkins
I think I find Blaue and conjoined twins the most interesting so far, but I cannot decide on which one I like best.
I would really appreciate any kind of help. Thank you.

I cannot use the People v Jack Kevorkian Case, the O.J. Simpson case or the Ethan Patz trial hence they already have been presented. Death Penalty cases are also not allowed.

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