SF Problem: "the person certifying the document is not in an acceptable occupation"

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Alright, so firstly, my problem is pretty similar from this thread: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=3361751

I'm also from Portugal and I had sent the student finance the photocopy of my ID which included not only the certification of the notary but also some additional paperwork that they written for me that confirmed that my document was real, and apparently, even with all the stamps, signatures and numerous confirmations and statements regarding the validity of my ID which were in the additional paperwork with also detailed information regarding the notary, I still end up receiving a letter saying that "the person certifying the document is not in an acceptable occupation", putting the application process on hold.

In the certifier checklist in the occupation part he (the one that certified) put something like: "notary assistant", from what I remember, but here in Portugal these are also considered as lawyers, and with all honesty, I cannot see anyone who's more fit to certify a document than a Notary, in which I actually paid around 22 euros for it to be done.

Not only that, but now I do not even have a clue on how will I send another certified document, as no one simply fills the "certifier checklist" because of the personal details involved, although they sign and stamp the document id, but unfortunately that by itself isn't accepted by the student finance, as the certifier checklist filled is essential. I've tried going to doctors, police officers, etc, they just don't fill the "certifier checklist" about the certifier information...For now, I contacted [email protected] stating to recheck my documents, my main problem is that I cannot phone due to the involved charges, so email would be my only way to contact, unless there's a free number for global use...

If there is any way or any solution for this issue, I would appreciate, didn't bother to create a new topic as this one is quite similar and hopefully some Student Finance Adviser might give me some advice in how to proceed, as I can without any problem show that my ID Card is valid, main problem is not finding someone who certifies it but someone who is willing to fill the EU certifier checklist, especially the "Certifier Information" part, and if the notary didn't work, I do not have a clue what will, as it's nearly impossible in my area here (Lisbon) in Portugal to get that checklist filled regarding the "Certifier Information".

Also, I would like to know if this delay may cause me to not get the funding for university in time? I sent to the post at around 25th May, so hopefully I still got in the deadline.

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