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When I applied there was a section where you could specify loud/quiet, but that could of changed.
On campus at the University of Southampton
University of Southampton
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When I applied there was a section where you could specify loud/quiet, but that could of changed.

Oh, well i didn't see it anyway if there was :s-smilie:

There was one for same/mixed-sex and for smoking/non-smoking and medical conditions that was it i think.
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How much bigger is the enhanced accommodation than regular? Im quite tall so im looking for a decent sized room with a bed that i can fit on :p:
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Enhanced accomodation gives you a double (Well not quite but nearly a double) bed.....with masses of was great :p: and the rooms are big....but possibly appear not so big cos of the space taken up by double bed, massive wardrobe and very large desk! I fitted my laptop...a player and stationary stuff easily onto the desk space....tho having said that i didnt have much room to write anywere after that :p: but that was my own fault for too much stuff!!

Enhanced rooms are also very new and shiney as sept 2006 entry lot were the first people to live in them!! Also 2 bathrooms between 6 we had a boys and girls bathroom....which was quite nice!! And you get a cleaner 4 times a week...who cleans your kitchen (tho not ur things....tho ours did sometimes cos she liked us :P).... bathroom...and hallway!

I highly recommned them.... the price is more than other accom in southampton...but your paying for what you get...! My friend in birmingham is paying more than i paid for enhanced...and she has a smallish room...not very nice kitchen...and one bathroom between 8...!

Hope that helps :smile: ! xxx

ps. heres some links to a couple of photos of the accom.

*my room
*Kitchen/dinning area
*Flat Corridor
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Hey which other places have larger rooms? coz when you apply you need to put in several choices ...and the ones they showed us on the open day were kinda small :frown: (sorry i can't remember where they were).

Thanks :biggrin:
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Its only chancellors courts which have larger rooms i think.... the others are all normal size as far as im aware.... i think glen eyre rooms are possibly bigger than monte rooms....but i couldnt be sure about i only ever saw one other glen eyre room and never saw a monte room...but just from what people said! But i am told monte has more of an atmosphere than the glen eyre halls.... but accom is what you make it and who you live with really!

You only get a double bed in chacellors courts if you DONT go ensuit....if u go ensuit its single beds and smaller wardrobes cos the bathroom takes up the chancellors courts its really not worth going ensuit...theres only 2 other people sharing your bathroom anddd you get a cleaner to clean it every week! you dont get a cleaner to clean your ensuit :p:
umm im in enhanced rooms and actually our rooms are smaller than many other rooms. richard newitt block in glen eyre is the standard with washbasins and they'r rooms are definately bigger. this is because before this yr, when chancellors courts didnt exist, richard newitt was called enhanced, but wen they built chancellors courts everything got down graded cos they were even nicer! lol. but having said that the rooms are bigger at richard newitt, the kitchens are much smaller and nowhere near as nice! they also only hav a single bed. the thing i totally love about chancellors courts is my double bed because i can turn it into a sofa and fit 5 of us on it comfortably wen watching a film. the desk is huuuge and i fitted a tv, desktop computer, speakers, printer and still have loooads of room for writing! its definitely earnt its nickname as the hotel block.
iv heard that hartley grove has big rooms but im not sure if its ensuite or not.
hope that helps!
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Hartley grove I do beleive is ensuite.
Yeah, my monte room used to be enhanced but then chancellor courts came along and this year it was standard with washbasin. I think end of the day I wasnt to fused with my room size (Prob cos my room at home is tiny anyway) but remember in 2nd year the house rooms can be huuge! Mine this year is pretty cool, and next year its even bigger.
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In Romero the shower head height is adjustable. And my tall flatmate hasn't complained about the bed.
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The ensuites in wessex are so small. I preferred sharing, at least we had a very large communal shower. I could walk around in the thing!
I'm thinking about Hartley Grove or "enhanced room" at Chancellor Courts. Which is better in terms of location in relation to the city and the university? I don't know my way around southampton :frown:

Also are there any flat type accomodation like I have seen at other universities I can't find any details on the site about them. :frown:
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Cookie, Hartley and chancellor courts are both on the glen eyre complex so are pretty much right next to each other. The complex is a 10/15 walk into university, and has bus routes to the uni, and the city.
Thanks for that. So they are both generally equal? My impression is that they are both similar in terms of numbers per kitchen and modernness of the rooms am I right?

No flat type accomodation then? :frown:
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Im not sure about the flat thing, Never had to look into that kind of thing sorry!
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No flat type accomodation then? :frown:

What do you mean flat-type?

Most of the stuff that is self catering, you will be dviided into flats of 6/7/8 sharing a kitchen. Or do you mean self contained units? The uni doesn't have many of those but you could try renting privately if you really want your own flat.
Yeh I sorta mean 6/7 peoples bedrooms all leading into 1 kitchen/loungey area. Sorta like portsmouth uni I am happy with halls but the flat type accomodation ive seen elsewhere looks good also.
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Thats what I thought halls were pretty much. Your in a flat of 6/7 people and you all sharea kitchen/dining area. Each flat has its own front door sesperating it from other flats.. Tres confused.
(I do remeber that the harry law (or something) halls in portsmouth were very nice..)
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The only ones that aren't in flats AFAIK are Monte 1 and Glen Catered - not sure if chancellors have been changed to flats (they used to be corridors but I thought they were changing that)

Chancellors = Jellicoe, etc? If so, they have been changed into flats.
Oh right i see. Thanks for that! I couldn't really tell from the pictures on the website. Im very happy now :smile:
Just put soton as my firm and trying to select accomadation but i dont have a student id thingie and cant find it on any of the letters i have? Any ideas

Scott xx