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My friend and I have just booked a weeks holiday in Kavos this summer and was wondering if anyone knew how much money was ideal and which clubs are the best to visit?xx
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Hey i was in Kavos last year with 4 of my mates loved it there is not exactly a lot of clubs more bars and stuff like that. Naming off a few you will want to go to future, checkers, venue and Atlantis for the clubs that is some decent bars for pre-drinks are scorers JCs (Ask about the dentist chair) and of course TKDs for a watermelon (21 shots goes into it ) and shisha will get you absolutely hammered. for spending money i took £1000 only spent all of it because i broke my hand and had to go to the hospital. But yeah for events you have to do the paint party at Atlantis and the full moon party roughly cost about 30-40 euros per event so its not too bad considering how much fun it actually is. You will love it just avoid the quads and be wary around the rose sellers there are quite a few pickpockets there. There are much more bars that are really good but i dont want to bore you with too much detail you will find out once you get there. Enjoy

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