Retail/hospitality management and a BA(Hons) Business Management degree...

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Looking for a career change. I've worked in admin since I was 18, left school at 16 and now 23. No qualifications or degrees and a couple of year entry-level retail work (sales assistant type work).

Long term want to work in retail or restaurant/bar/hotel management - running my own store (high end like Apple) or running a restaurant/bar/hotel is pretty much my dream.

Considering I have only a few years experience in retail, I'm resigning from my admin role and going to work in either a store or restaurant/bar/hotel whilst possibly studying for a BA(Hons) Business Management degree from the OU.

Few questions:

1. Is a BA(Hons) Business Management degree worth the time and money invested to gain personal knowledge, but more importantly, will it benefit me in the future when applying for management jobs (with experience)? Will it set me apart and will employers actually acknowledge this degree. Is it worth it basically?

2. Not sure which field I want to enter - whether its retail stores, bars/restaurants or hotels - what is the best way to keep my options open or do all retail/hospitality jobs generally crossover? Will be experience and degree be transferable from one industry to another (e.g. if i work in retail in a store for 3 years (hopefully a year or two as assistant/deputy manager) then apply for a restaurant manager's role with my degree as well, will this be considered?

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