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Devonshire halls?!

i've been looking on the accomodation webpages and stuff but just wanted to ask some questions .... basically ... whats it like there??? the rooms look nice and it doesnt seem too far from the uni and town. but just general things ... is it lively? are the kitchens big (well big enough for the number of people)? and how bout the rooms (size-wise)? also, i get that some are en-suite but with a standard room, does everyone get a sink in their bedroom if they're sharing a bathroom???
so, just generally, any thoughts on devonshire halls??
thanks a million x
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i heard its quite it has its own bar and stuff....

but i need the same info too...i live too far away to just pop up and visit so ANY info would be good??

The Great Hall at University of Leeds
University of Leeds
hey, im in my first year at dev...well baasically. I'm having a GREAT time-and i think this is partly down to the halls.there is definitely a good social side with stuff going being organised (i'm on the entertainment committe myself and to name just a few events are the formal dinners, last week was burns night with haggis,whisky and bagpipers,valentines pub crawl is next up,summer ball and the christmas ball has already been and gone-there is smaller stuff being organised like film nights in hall,open mic nights, auditions for a devonshire halls muscial are just underway.)

kitchen wise i wouldn't know as im catered but from what i've seen they are mostly a good size-haven't seen any cupboard sized ones...when i was coming here i thought i was getting en suite but it turned out to just be a sink in me room and im sharing a toilet and shower with 4 (which honestly is really no problem at all)

the location of dev is amazing really, the walk to uni is a quick 10minute walk but living in hyde park gives you the option of both headingley and the uni-which is perfect.just started looking for houses and living round hyde park area (which is where dev is) is really popular.

rooms wise..mines a good size but some people i know have huge rooms with massively high ceilings-so they vary i guess but not seen any really bad ones.

any questions just post em up :smile: hope that helps and sorry about the sheer amount of gibberish-in short come to devs you will love it!
i'd say its a 15-20 minute walk into uni
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how far is it from the city in walking distance in the evening etc?
how far is it from the sports pitches?

Hiya I'm in my first year at Dev and I'm in self-catered, en-suite accommodation of which there's only about 100 places out of around 600.

So far I'm having an awesome time- Dev offers me everything I'd expect from a uni hall and MUCH more. It's particularly useful for musicians and sports people as it's the only halls with its own independent facilities such as choir, orchestra, lacrosse team, etc etc.
There's always something on as far as the social scene is concerned with good student offers but most students go exploring further afield after a while. I have to give the music a mention seen as I'm head of Dev choir this year- it really is worth applying for if you're musical. But I am sure the sporty people can give you more info on the vast range of sports facilities there too!

Location-wise, I think Dev is ideal because it's literally 10-15 minutes walk to uni MAX and it's a straight road there. At the same time, it's also out of the way of all the noise and general chaos you'd expect from a closer accommodation. The surrounding area is beautiful and everyone who goes there comments on the 'fairytale' and 'gothic' surroundings. It's in the Hyde Park area which has some AMAZING unique shops and cafes such as the renowned Clock Cafe. The Hyde Park pub is also very popular with students.

All in all, Dev is the place to be really! Although of course my view is totally unbiased....:tongue:
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horrible. full of rahs
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Devonshire is full of oxford rejects! LOL....No offence meant, but most of the people there are quite stuck up.
Well you've clearly not been to Dev.
I for one am DEFINITELY not a 'rah' and to be honest it isn't like they're exclusive to Dev. They're pretty much everywhere in Leeds.
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to be fair in the last week I have met a couple of safe people from dev, both were in the self-catered bit...but previous to that almost everyone Id met from dev (and there's been a fair few) had been the most pin-point stereotype of a pretentious rah, not saying that's a necessarily a bad thing, if people wanna live with people from a similar background to them that's fine, up to them, just not somewhere id ever wanna live

@ affection, obviously no one's sayin that everyone there is a private school type but you gotta admit it's a MUCH higher ratio than the average in leeds
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:confused: What is a rah?!
Stereotypically, someone who comes from an upper-class background, whom people see as being at University purely 'because Daddy wanted them to'. Total bull, really.
On the contrary, I'd say - I'm a Yorkshire boy, born and bred, and I'm familiar with said term, as are most people I've met from around the country at University.
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I had no idea what a "rah" was and im also from yorkshire. But from looking at the description I defo am not one and I'm considering Dev halls for my accomodation in sept!
rah rah rah rah rah!!!!
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would you say the wardrobe in your room was kinda large or is there no spaces to fit in loads of clothes? x

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