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St Andrews Scholarships

Hi, I've got an offer for Modern Languages and am in the process of applying for the scholarship. The online form requires an additional statement to be written. What should I mention in this? I don't want to simply be repeating what I wrote in my UCAS personal statement - so does anyone know what they expect?
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I applied for this last year, and not suprisingly didn't get it.

I didn't have time to get another reference written, though, so just had to submit the old one (which, unless it's changed, you are allowed to do).
St Salvators Quad, University of St Andrews
University of St Andrews
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What did you write in your additional personal statement though? I know about the reference - I'll get the head of modern languages to write me one.
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I didn't do an additional one, as far as I remember. I just used everything over again, as it said I could and it was a last minute application (my guidance teacher at school had broken her wrist or something and was off for ages, not that she was the most efficient of people at the best of times).

If I can, I'll get hold of my friend Jen for you. She won one of the scholarships, so I'll ask her what she did for it.

I think it should basically be just like your previous one, but with total stress on things that show your language ability. Also, try to write it in an original way. I bet they have thousands of the things to look through.