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I've been offered to join a graduate scheme from my placement's year company, and I've already signed the contract a few months ago. If I was to leave the company, then they require 1 months notice.

My employment would start on Monday 27th July 2015, which is 6 weeks away. Would my employer let me go immediately if I decide to leave the company now (before I start employment) ?

Also, do you think I should be able to negotiate a salary with them? The graduate programme pays the same salary for everyone. And remember that I've already signed the contract without negotiating a salary.


Even though I enjoyed my placement year at the company, I believe I can embark onto a better graduate programme/scheme at a better company. I'm currently applying to graduate scheme that are still open.

If I was to leave my confirmed graduate scheme, I would need to do this with 1 month notice (27th June), and there's 12 days left (from today) before I'm tied into not being able to leave. My chances of getting a better job is likely to take longer than 12 days (due to lengthy process :screening/interview/etc)

I'm in a dilemma with two options:
1) Quit the graduate scheme with my placement employer before 27th June, and hope that I'll get a job with a better graduate scheme.
Problems: I could end-up jobless. I may not get a better grad scheme.

2) Continue with my placement employer for a 1 to 12 months. Go for interviews for prospective jobs at better companies while I'm working full-time.
Problems: Any interviews would clash with my working hours. May look bad for my CV if I work at my placement employer for 3 months, and then quit.

Which option do you think I should take, and why?
Is there any other options/advice you would want to give?


Much appreciated if anyone could answer the questions above.

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