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Just a quick question,

Really not sure if I want to go to Uni or not, but my only A-Level that I fully enjoy all the time is textiles and I was just wondering whether anyone who did a degree in Fashion or Textiles design, what they did after Uni? And if I wasn't to go to Uni what are the options but still using fashion/textiles?

Thank you
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Hiya, I don't know if this is a bit late - I have a few answers!
I'm just going to university this year to do Fashion, so I'm nowhere near finishing. If you enjoy fashion and textiles, I would fully recommend doing an Art Foundation Degree as you can specialise in textiles, fashion OR both. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do last year when applying for university, so I turned my uni offer down and did a Foundation degree.
Although it does depend on if there is one near you at college or a uni that still has places available - as I chose to do my Foundation at my local college, I lived at home.
The Foundation degree also prepares you well for university and you create a much better portfolio for when you do interviews etc. (It's also free if you're 18 and going straight from A-Level)
If you decide not to do that or go to university then I have no idea what would give you the skills to get a good start up job with textiles, although for fashion theres always dressmaking shops and retail/business opportunities.
Good Luck
Holly x

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