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Medical Sciences (B100) Offers?

Hi there!
Has anyone recieved an offer yet?
I seem to remember they were given out very late last year, in March and April, and I think some people were waiting through to May. There is a really tough selection process as Edinburgh don't interview, so you'll be waiting awhile longer yet. Good luck!
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has anyone got offers yet this year?
Well, I've just got rejected by Oxford for physiological science and the course code for that was B100. All my other unis courses are biomedical science.
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Hi! Nope, I got an e-mail today just explaining how to track my application but haven't heard anything yet. I got an unconditional to Dundee for Biomedical Science which was my 2nd choice, but rooting for Edinburgh.:yep: Let me know how everyone else is getting on x
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Heyy. Has anyone else heard back from Edinburgh Uni for medical sciences yet? I've heard back from all the others, St Andrews University, Edinburgh University (for medicinal and biological chemistry)and Glasgow University. Got 4 unconditionals but hoping to go for Glasgow Uni or Edinburgh Uni for biomedical sciences/ medical sciences because my unconditional at St Andrew's Uni was for biology.
Byyee X
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hi. yeah i've received a conditional offer to the medical sciences course in Edinburgh :smile: otherwise i've applied to biomedical science in UCL, Imperial and Birmingham. i'm still waiting for imperial but i have conditional offers from the rest. By the way is anybody attending the post application open day on the 27th of march? xx
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I've just got an unconditional :smile: I don't particularly want to go - I've applied for medicine so this was just my back up option... -crosses fingers for edinburgh med-
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:frown: ive still not heard, but they let you know either way so still hoping!
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Hii. I have an unconditional offer at edinburgh uni too.:smile:YAY! still stuck between glasgow uni and edinburgh uni, really don't know which one to choose. Has anyone heard about the open days bcos i heard we have to get invitations for the science subjects?