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What would you look for?

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Solemn Wanderer
thomasjtl: You're wrong I'm afraid. :wink: According to the Alternative Prospectus (which is all-knowing and infallible despite containing obvious errors about the admissions system), compscis are "Indespensible [sic] to all for computer repair" (p. 82).

Perhaps that only goes for Cambridge compscis?:p:
Oriental Studies - Get 66% on this test.
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For Medics hmm..... rank by 1/(no. of obvious ucas-pleasing extra curriculars)

What happens if they don't put any?
then they're infinately good! (the mathmos know what I'm taking about)

have a model in the interview room with the stomach and liver mixed up. Pick those who notice the mistake and beg to correct it.