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you got two choices. either give up, and get used to taking the bus, or try doing it at a different test centre. i know in my area, there's one test centre which is a breeze. and another which is almost impossible. If you can though, also try and book your test for between 10:30 and 2:00, as there'll be less traffic, and so will be easier, also try and get a test centre which isn't in the middle of a large town.
Go to America, and take the test there, then take a nother test to get and international license then just use that back home. The american test is easy. Just don't play with the radio, they hate that LoL
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my examiner made me stop on the side of a very busy road just after a roundabout at 09:00 (peak traffic time) and then asked me to pull off. not surprisingly no one would give way so i had to sit there for about 10 mins indicating and eventually i thought unless i pulled out slowly no-one would let me pass, so i did so safely but at the end the guy failed me because "you should have waited another 5 seconds"...i felt like telling him to f*** off coz if id have waited any longer id have been there till lunchtime! otherwise i had 3 minors, just goes to show some examiners are just big pricks!
i been through it!!!!

i keept failing when all my mates passes 1st time, and those that failed 1st time passed second.

if i was you keep trying, theres not much more you can really do.

you'll get there in the end.

love Katy ***
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How many times did it take you to pass then in the end? (if this question is too nosy, please ignore)

i passed on my 4th, last week!!! but i had an easy test. i saw 2 other cars and we pulled in into a lay by on the dual caridgway to wait till those cars came, and then they both pulled out into the outside lasne for me to re-join the road.
so it just goes to show that examinors can be compleet pricks- i failed my 3rd for not checking my blindspot 14 times- when i only stoped 4 times ??? and it all depends on the other traffic!

love Katy ***
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It's true, when I was about to take my test, I heard all these horror stories about these well harsh examiners, but I was pleasantly surprised by my examiner, who was really friendly, and went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. He was also well fair, which is all that I could have asked for. It's such a nice feeling to have passed though isn't it!!! The thing that sucks though, is that I've gone to france for most of the summer holidays, and can't drive here, so I feel really trapped, whereas before as I didn't know different, it didn't bother me.


P.S. well done on passing, and good luck to every1 else whose got their test coming up.
Originally posted by Fishy Wings
Ive failed 4 times now!! and im not a happy chappy!

I failed this time because I didn't look in my rear view mirror 4 times which makes it a serious, im sure i did every time!!!

i had it at 8:40 at sutton in ashfield in Nottingham shire where the pass rate is 33%.

Has anyone had a similar experience, I would like to know.

Fishy Wings.

That Sutton in Ashfield test centre, isn't exactly famous for getting lots of passes out - particularly at a time like 8:40, the key time for getting people in a Quarrydale, if you were unlucky enough to travel up Stoneyford Road on your test.

Good Luck on the 5th Attempt !
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i beat u all! 6 attempts, ive had everything from plain lies from examiners to snow. how do u find out the pass rates for centres? ive found that it completly depends on ure examiner. The one that passsed me was a temp and said that they some are nicer than others and that it depends what time of the month u do it - possible quota hint?!?! The one i passed i also took my instructer, then they wouldnt dare mess u around! I passed on my 6th and my best attempt was my 1st. My 6th was prob my 4th best attempt.
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my friend got no minors, no majors and one dangerous!
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Don't worry about not passing first time. So many things can go wrong on a driving test, many of which are not always your fault. Just give it your best shot!
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lol. Got my first on Thursday, hope I pass :smile:.

Don't worry about failing it, doesn't mean much; a pass is a pass is a pass. I know someone who passed after 6th time, didn't stop them being a good driver IMO. It's all down to attitude & some luck. Think positive, don't give up and you'll pass!
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Good luck for your test, and just try and relax, by remembering its not that serious if you fail, and you can always retake. I did my test right in the middle of my ASsm so was so stressed out/worried about them, I was quite relaxed and carefree about the driving test, as it was a brake from revising.

Try and talk to the examiner, and appear to be a really nice guy, as this should make him feel kinder towards you, and possibly distract his attention from any possible mistakes.

Good luck again,
I passed my driving test with 14 minors in November!

It was really scary when he counted the minors, My eyes rolled backwards when he went on and on checking how many minors - then he said, let me check again....and again.....
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You're one lucky person, especially since, I was once told that if you get over 10/12 minors, the examiner will often either make up a major, or a couple more minors.

Congratulations though.
Originally posted by PHIL
The thing that sucks though, is that I've gone to france for most of the summer holidays, and can't drive here, so I feel really trapped, whereas before as I didn't know different, it didn't bother me.

coming up.

you can drive there thou???

love Katy ***
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i dont understand that either! oh and btw, when i did pass i got 6 minors
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No, thats what I thought, but apparently you have to be over 18 to drive in france, as this is the minimum french age at which you can apply for and pass your practical, but they start to druive at 16. this means that I can't drive until my 18th birthday, which needless to say pretty much sucks.

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My last test I failed for being a "selfish" driver because I should have pulled over to let someone that was blatently speeding go past. I also got another major for following his instructions becasue "in the real world you might not have reliable passengers" Since when is your driving test the real world. All in all I got the grand total of 4 majors 13minors oppps and yes I am still bitter :0)