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I'm currently in my second year of a BSc (Adult) Nursing degree and I'm really considering changing degrees to do something else, the course is not stimulating my interest at all (although I really enjoy placements, the theory is not interesting and as such I find it difficult to motivate myself to work as hard as i could).
I previously studied A level science subjects and I used to really enjoy learning because I was interested, now It feels like a chore.

I have a huge interest in biology and physiology, and I have also done a lot of work with St John Ambulance and I'm a first responder for the ambulance service. I'm considering switching to a degree in some area of bioscience, or to paramedic practice.

At the moment I'm gravitating more toward the area of paramedic practice as I know I really enjoy patient care, and looking at the modules of the courses they all seem interesting with a bigger focus on physiology and pathophysiology than in my nursing degree.

I can't really get my head around how I would fund this. Ideally I'd like to finish my current BSc and then apply for a Paramedic Practice course. But i'm not sure if once I had a BSc Nursing I would be elligible for a tuition fee or maintenece loan from student finance?

My current degree is funded by the NHS and I have a maintenence loan for my living costs. This means I have never had a tuition fee loan from student finance, does that mean I can still apply for a tuition fee loan but not a maintenence loan?

If not, would I have to leave at the end of my second year (waste the last 2 years) before I qualify, so that I am still elligible for funding of the next degree?

I hope this makes sense, thank you for your help!
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If paramedic practice attracts any nhs funding then I m not sure they allow a switch. I m not sure you d be eligible for finance as you know the only second degree that is an exception is an nhs one. I think you d be best phoning up sfe and seeing what they say as normally you can only get a maintainance loan if you re studying something higher than you previously had done and paramedic practice is a dip he so would be a lower level really.
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I can't offer much advice on funding, i'm not even sure if paramedic practice is funded by the NHS. If it is, then you should still be eligible for another bursary. However there's something niggling in my brain that even if you haven't claimed a tuition fee loan before, if you are doing a second degree that isn't NHS funded or on the exemption list, you can't get funding. It's probably worth posting in the SFE section about it as they're the experts!

I think it's worth carrying on with nursing though and even trying out a job when you've finished, particularly since you enjoy the placements. At the end of the day that is what you'd be doing once qualified, not all the studying!

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