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Not getting the grades but still getting in...

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Whew, this thread cheers me up! I'm applying for English and was really worried about getting my required B in Law due to various ridiculous circumstances (fast-track, night class that only meets once a week, four teachers so far as the old ones keep quitting, etc etc...) Maybe I will have a chance now. :biggrin:
The Great Hall at University of Leeds
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hey im doing law at the uni and ws offered aaa and was lucky enough to obtain thsoe grades but i do know of people who have gotten in with aab. Also, you are at an advantage if you live in the yorkshire area such as bradford as u can apply to a scheme which actually lowers your grades if u write 2 really impressive essays. Unfortunately I cannot remember what the scheme is called atm.

Yeah its called the Access to Leeds Scheme - I'm currently participating in it. To the extent of the requirement of writing '2 really impressive essays', I'm not so sure, at the open day for the scheme they told us that they only rejected 1 person last year. Its a great opportunity really for anyone who is applying next year, particularly for those courses such as Law that offer AAA's as standard.
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lol looks my friends were exaggerating their work...oh wellzz
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Yeah i don't have an option i need ABB or i aint going lol, no way i'll get to do Political Studies without the grades!
hey, i know alot of others have replied saying their all in the same position,but i have been offered AAB and like everyone else my heart is dead set on attending Leeds i'm wanting to do psychology with management, love to hear some reassuring comments on whether i have a chance getting onto the course, after all its a popular subject. Don't want to build my hopes up too high but its a great uni and really don't wana be disappointed on results day as im really trying my best to get my grades. thanks X
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Friend of mine last year was offered AAB for English and French; she got ABD and they still let her in. It seems they're pretty flexible. I think English (lit) went into clearing last year too. Leeds is my insurance and I'm hoping that if I get below AAB they'll be nice to me too!
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No one's said anything about Biology, my offer is BBB but im worried that getting the B in physics in unlikely now. What are my chances of getting in with BBC or even BBD for Biology with management?
heyy, yea im sorta in the same position.......Leeds offered me a place for audiology for CCC. but i really dont think i can get my C in bio :frown:
but i got my heart dead set on leeds
no-one has mentioned anything about audiology so just wondering....any one know if i stil have a chance?
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hey, im wondering if anyone got lower grades than needed for Sociology. I've been offered BBC which i should hopefully be able to get, but might end up with BBD or ABD, the A/B would be in Sociology though, anyone got in for Sociology with less than what they asked for?
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If people haven't already, then go on the UCAS site and read the offer, and unless it says "Not including General Studies" then they count General Studies as a grade.

I know for some subjects (but not all) Leeds accepts General Studies, so it's worth checking.
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Anyone know how strict they are for sports science? My offer was BBB, but I may get ABC or even ABD, but the A would be in p.e...
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Anyone know how strict they are for sports science? My offer was BBB, but I may get ABC or even ABD, but the A would be in p.e...

My sister is at Leeds studying sports science now in her final year and got bcd in her A levels and got her place through extra.
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thanks for the reply, by extra i assume you mean ucas extra? what actually is that by the way? :confused:
I have an offer of ABB for Law and Accounting, but I completely failed my C3 maths paper. My mind went blank in the exam hall, had a nervous breakdown and I couldnt even read the questions! There is absolutely no way I will get a B for maths. Do you think I can slip to ABC or am I going to be forced into a gap year?
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Are the joint honours courses more strict on grades? That was what they said on open day but from this thread it seems they are more leniet.

I need ABB to History and Geography but I did get AAA for AS so I'm quite confident. Just my Geography exam went badly so hopefully it'll be okay.

Do people generally drop grades between AS and A2 or not?
I'm in exactly the same boat as a few of you- Offered AAA for Law and accepted it as my firm. I'm SERIOUSLY concerned about my Psychology A Level but am on track for As in my other two A Levels....still a worry though :frown:

Good Luck everyone and you never know, if things work out, we could be in the same year next year!!!

Woooh! Yeah I've been given an offer of ABB to study BSc Geography at Leeds but going by my physics exam the other day... I'm not so sure I'll be getting those grades. It's really reassuring to hear that not all hope is lost.
Someone I know, I think, got in at Law at Leeds with A being Generel Studies I think. I'm not sure. It was AAB or ABB. I know she didn't get AAA.
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Anyone know how likely it is that I'll get an offer for maths and economics (ABB normal entry requirements), as I'm predicted ABC?