York or Durham for Philosophy/English (switch firm + insurance)

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I've firmed Philosophy at Durham (37 points in the IB) and I've insured English and Philosophy at York (35 points).
I called up York today to ask about the possibilities of switching my firm and insurance, and they said that it is possible provided that I send an email preferably by Thursday as the transition will take about a week and needs to be done before I get my results back.

I'll sum up my concerns and pro's about each uni:

York pro's:
- Nice area
- Option of studying English (I currently want to go into journalism or other forms of writing in the future so this may help, plus I like the idea of being encouraged to read more of a variety of books but admittedly I do find this a bit daunting as well).
- I really like the idea of learning a language at York and incorporating this into the English degree.
- Departments for both subjects were really welcoming on the visit days.

York con's:
- Reputation might not be as good as Durham (?) and reputation is very important to me.
- Worried about the social life as the colleges are more like halls of residence.

Durham pro's:
- Apparently a better reputation
- Really like the college system (I'll be at Van Mildert)
- Course structure for Philosophy does seem varied

Durham con's:
- My college is a bit far away from lectures although this isn't that big of a deal
- My college is very big (I'm worried it'll feel impersonal)
- Both on the pre-offer visit day and post-offer visit day, I wasn't blown away by the Philosophy department as I didn't feel like they really sold themselves.
- No English (not too sure if I want to study Philosophy by itself for 3 years)

I'm really not sure what decision to make so I'm just looking for some advice from others. Thanks

P.S. sorry this thread is quite long!!
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Just a couple of other things to add to the mix - if you are looking for lots of things to do, Durham is definitely a good option - it's positively encouraged that their students do things other than study.

If reputation is so important to you, I think you have to decide whether the department at Durham not selling itself to you matters - look again at the course content and how much you have in the way of choice about modules and the like. Are you sure you can't do an English module at some point? It certainly used to be possible to do subsidiary modules on other degree courses, but that may have changed. Email them and ask if it's not clear from the website.

Mind you, York graduates do pretty well in life too

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