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So I've finished my AS exams and in the awkward time period where our school isn't jumping into A2's but we are still at school. In this time I've decided that i wanted to do an EPQ and have started to brainstorm some ideas so i can start research over summer.Now i know such posts have been done to the point of exhaustion but I would love to get your thoughts on my ideas so far and take on board any other ideas I haven't yet considered!!

My ideas so far include:
- the future of NHS - on the lines of privatisation vs public - but i think that's a bit dry and probably done numerous times
- the anatomy of our personality and emotions + what constitutes them - bit iffy about this one
- ethical issues within neuroscience
- neurological disorders + public health challenges presented by them
- something along the lines of medical law - but not sure what route -i.e who benefits? the development of it? etc.

As you can see most of the ideas are medicine based, because that's what i hope to do at uni and that's what I'm interested in!! - mainly neurology in particular

Also, does anyone have any advice as to how to get started on UKCAT prep? do i dive in by doing questions or is there a nicer way to ease into the question styles?
Any advice is appreciated!
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I think ethical issues are always good choices for an epq, especially a topic which is new and controversial

use medify

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